Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey my names Taylor! No not Taylor Swift even if she is dating Harry Styles which I do love. Well more about me! I'm 5'2 and 18 I'm a funny outrageous girl who absolutely loves One Direction if you couldn't tell. Me and my friend Sam weren't expecting to meet them though. Sam is my best friend I'd die for her and she'd do the same for me. She loves Niall Horan and always says how I look like him. Her parents hate her and abused her when she WAS living there now she lives with me in a flat in London nothing special just enough for us to live with. Well this is my once in a lifetime story!


3. Meeting him.....

Harry's P.O.V.

I was stuck with Ms. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together but I saw this girl she was

beautiful unique and I think her friend noticed I was staring because the mystery girl looked at me.

There was something about her she reminded me of one of the boys but I couldn't put my finger

on it. She had long straight blonde hair peircing blue eyes that could make anyone swoon. That's

when it hit me. She looked a lot like Niall.

Taylor's P.O.V.

He was walking towards me and looking at me. He looked like he was studying me like if he's

seen me before but can't quite put his finger on it.

"Ello love" damn know I know what they meant by his sexy deep husky British Accent.

"Hi I'm Sam and Mrs. Quite over there is Taylor." I swear I'm mad at her but I'm glad at the same time.

"We'll hello Taylor. I'm Harry. Harry Styles."

"Yeah I know........... I mean err really never heard of you before." He smirked dammit I'm blown.

"Oh really well then I'm in One Direction I can see you know the band." He said pointing at my purse.

"Pshh oh this it was a gift?"

"Haha babe you don't have to lie."

"Good because I'm a terrible liar!"

"Hahaha really? I couldn't tell...."

"Haha shut up Styles not everyone can be an excellent liar"

"I didn't say you we're bad at lying I was just IMPLYING that your a bad liar"


"Hey where'd your friend Sam go?"

"Haha idk I guess we were to caught up in our conversation.

"Yeah I guess so....."

"Yeah................. well did you come with anyone?" I asked knowing the answer would be YES I CAME WITH

MY GIRLFRIEND KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE! But he said something that shocked me even more.

"Unfortunately yes. I came with Mrs. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." I couldn't help but giggle at that.

"Hahaha cute nickname styles."

"Not as cute as you." I swear I died and went to heaven.


Harry's P.O.V.

She was so cute when she blushed. I mean look at her eyes you could get lost in them they were

like a maze. Wait what am I saying I barely met her. Something in me was saying she's the one for

me but I doubt it. I mean people only want to be with me cause I'm Harry Styles. I doubt she feels

the same. The only reason I'm with Taylor is because of management but if I could I'd break up

with her in a heartbeat. I mean the magazines don't see how she really is she's a BRAT I mean its

Harry this Harry that. I mean how could have I LIKED HER she seemed so sweet and innocent at

first and know she's what's the word a MONSTER. Unlike Taylor not swift but the Taylor I was

looking at the one I was positive was Niall's sister. She was something I've never seen before a

masterpiece and I felt like if I'd blink she'd disappear. In my head More Than This was playing was

that a sign that its meant to be? I mean she's so beautiful and just wow there's no words to

explain. Wait is it possible that I could be falling for her? I guess only time will tell.

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