Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey my names Taylor! No not Taylor Swift even if she is dating Harry Styles which I do love. Well more about me! I'm 5'2 and 18 I'm a funny outrageous girl who absolutely loves One Direction if you couldn't tell. Me and my friend Sam weren't expecting to meet them though. Sam is my best friend I'd die for her and she'd do the same for me. She loves Niall Horan and always says how I look like him. Her parents hate her and abused her when she WAS living there now she lives with me in a flat in London nothing special just enough for us to live with. Well this is my once in a lifetime story!


4. Foreals?

(A/N Tay is who the story is about. Taylor is the singer. But the P.O.V.s are in Tay's p.o.v. I just put Taylor. Sorry if this confused you. Oh and I'm going to have a character contest soon. Details coming soon!) Taylor's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ He was staring at me. I didn't mind but at the same time I did cause I'm self conscious about my body. He was like wow. His dimples when he smiled and his curls. There so perfect, how does he get them like that? His mouth is moving oh he's talking to me. "Are you?" "I'm sorry what you say?" "Daydreaming were we? Haha I said Are you coming to our concert tomorrow?" "Yeah that's sorta why were here. Were shopping for the concert to look as Sam says 'Smexy'" "Oh so your going in what your wearing tomorrow then?" He flirted "No Harry I'm buying clothes to. I want to look extra 'smexy'." "Is that possible?" "I don't know you'll have to see" ;) "Tease" "Haha s-" "HARRY BABE WHERE ARE YOU?!" "Oh my god. Don't see me. Don't see me." Harry grumbled which made me giggle. "What's so funny Tay?" "How you are scared of her." "I'm not scared of her I just don't like her." "HARRY?" The screams were getting closer. Harry's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Taylor (the maniac/ singer) was getting closer and there was no stores close so I did the last thing I could think of. I pulled Tay close and kissed her. When I kissed her there were butterflies & sparks. I swear I felt like I melted soon she kissed back and by then Taylor (singer) passed by so I pulled away. "What was that for?" "I didn't want Taylor to see me......" I told the truth but lied at the same time cause from the moment I saw her I wanted to kiss her. "Oh." Her face fell. "I also wanted to do that." I mumbled but loud enough for her to hear. "Hehe." She blushed so I take it she heard me. "Well I better get going before Taylor sees me with the most beautiful girl in the world." "WAIT." "Haha I know I'm beautiful but I have to go." "Haha I guess you don't want my number then...." "Well why didn't you just say so!" I ran back to her and right when I reached her I tripped and I fell and accidentally pushed her down with me but I put myself under so she wouldn't get hurt. "Haha okay well this is AKWARD." She giggled trying to get up but I pulled her back down. "Not to me." ;) "Here Styles now can you please let go know." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek before I turned my head so she could kiss my lips. When she pulled away I smirked and pulled her up. "Here give me your phone." She handed it over and I gave her mine so she could type in her number. Taylor's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I kissed Harry Styles TWO times in one day. Damn that must be some record. Well in my book it is. He handed me back my phone and I looked for his contact but it wasn't under Harry it was under SMEXY ;). I laughed at his then thought back to mine. I put Tay is SEXAY. I saw him do the same thing and he chuckled. "Well I'm not arguing with that but I really must go before Taylor calls 911." I laughed "Okay well I better get going to I need to find Sam." "By Tay!" "Bye Styles!" When I kissed Harry it felt like magic. I felt the fireworks and I melted when his lips met mine. Can I be falling for him? Well I did already love him but was this what it actually felt like? Errr now the hard part looking for Sam.

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