Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey my names Taylor! No not Taylor Swift even if she is dating Harry Styles which I do love. Well more about me! I'm 5'2 and 18 I'm a funny outrageous girl who absolutely loves One Direction if you couldn't tell. Me and my friend Sam weren't expecting to meet them though. Sam is my best friend I'd die for her and she'd do the same for me. She loves Niall Horan and always says how I look like him. Her parents hate her and abused her when she WAS living there now she lives with me in a flat in London nothing special just enough for us to live with. Well this is my once in a lifetime story!


5. Finding Sam

(A/N SORRY! I know I haven't wrote in forever!! And I'm taking long to get to the concert. I know your probably annoyed. Anyways who wants to co-author? So that way if I can't write someone can do it for me. Anyways to the story eep.)

Tay's POV:

Ergh okay if I was Sam where would I be? DUH! At Forever 21. Wait no Victoria Secret? I swear this girl will be the death of me. I'll just call her. 

S: Hey! Where are you? OMG you won't believe who I just met!

T: I'm looking for you!!! Where are you how'd you meet???

S: Oh I'm at American Eagle and I met Taylor Swift! Se said something along the lines "I'm dating Harry Styles and he spoils me." And in my head I was like "Oh well good for you"

T: (mumbles) American Eagle why didn't I think of that? Okay I'll be there in a few. 

S: aight I'll be trying on jeans. 

T: okay byeeeeeee

Sam's POV:

I was minding my own business when Taylor Swift walks up to me. She just started talking fast saying "Have you seen Harry? Probably not why would he talk to a poor girl like you? Oh well anyways I'm Taylor (mumbles) like you didn't know that. Anywho Harry just loves to spoil me and I can't find him." In my head i was doing so many violent things to her slapping her telling her off pulling her hair. But on the outside I calmly said "Follow the screams". "Thanks for nothing" she said walking away. 

It's been 5 minutes since Tay called me and Harry Styles and Taylor Swift just walked in. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket so I took it out and it was a message from Tay saying she just walked in so I went to find her. In the process of that I bumped into a guy and I mumbled a sorry but his girlfriend wasn't so happy about it and she started questioning him about who i was and he said I don't know! Then i managed to bump into a sales clerk who dropped the jeans she was holding while giving me the stink eye before I finally found Tay. 

"THANK GOD I FOUND YOU! Here I got you some shorts and a pair of skinnies" 

"Thanks? Anywho I need to tell you about what happened with Harry!"


"so we started talking the-"


"What?" (I usually wasn't one to kiss and tell but I had to her about this and here she is interrupting me)

she smirked and with her eyes told me to turn around and as I did I spotted Harry and Taylor (gags jk) and Harry sees me and smirks then pulls out his phone and types something. Just then I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Harry. 

S- SMEXY (Harry) T.I.S- Taylor Is Sexy (Tay)

S: Fancy seeing you here love ;) xx

T: Ah can say the same about you Styles. I thought you were trying to escape her? Xx

S: Pleased to see you returned the kisses ;) xx

T: Haha just being friendly xx

S: Sure you know you want me. I can see it in your eyes babe. ;) xxxx (Tay looks up at him and he's smirking)

T: Don't be so sure of yourself Styles. How do know I don't 'fancy' one of the other boys? Xx

S: Maybe because your background is a pic of me. Xx

T: What? No it's not!

S: Check it love xx (gets out of iMessage and checks lock screen and sure enough it's a pic of Harry smiling)

T: Yeah but you put it!

S: Don't act like you don't like it. Xx

T: Who said I didn't like it? She looked up at him and smirked


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