Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey my names Taylor! No not Taylor Swift even if she is dating Harry Styles which I do love. Well more about me! I'm 5'2 and 18 I'm a funny outrageous girl who absolutely loves One Direction if you couldn't tell. Me and my friend Sam weren't expecting to meet them though. Sam is my best friend I'd die for her and she'd do the same for me. She loves Niall Horan and always says how I look like him. Her parents hate her and abused her when she WAS living there now she lives with me in a flat in London nothing special just enough for us to live with. Well this is my once in a lifetime story!


7. Chic?

Harry's POV:

I was walking around looking for a random shirt for Taylor when I bumped into Tay.

"Hello love." I said smirking at her.

"Harold." she giggled. Oh that giggle just made me want to grab her and kiss her.

"I....ummm..." I actually needed help looking for a shirt. JUST KIDDING! I actually just want to talk to her.

"Yes Harry?" she smirked.

"Can you help me look for a shirt for Taylor. She'll be annoyed if I don't take one her back." I questioned.

"I thought you hated her?"

"I do."

"Then why do you want to me to help you look for a shirt for her?"

"Just needed a reason to talk to you." I replied.

"Oh." she looked down and blushed

"Don't hide your face your beautiful." she only blushed more.

Tay's POV:

I only blushed more. I haven't blushed this much since him. HE shall not be named. He made me feel weak and useless. That's the reason I am afraid to love. All because of what he did to me. He's the reason why I changed. EVERYTHING. Only Sam knows the truth and I plan on it staying that way. Anyways I finally found an outfit for the concert and I was about to pay when Harry bumped into me and asked me to help him look for a shirt for Taylor. And me being me I was nice and decided to help him pick out the ugliest shirt ever. It was a vomit green shirt that says "I rule the world." 

"Here you go Styles." I started walking away to go pay with Sam when Harry called me.

"Umm Tay?" I turned around to look at him.


"What in bloody hell is this??!!" I smirked and replied

"A shirt babe what else?" I ended it with a wink and saw a small blush rise up to his cheeks. Aww he was blushing.

"Oh um well thanks? Hey is that what you're buying? Can I see?"

"Calm down Styles. And I guess you'll just have to wait to until tomorrow to see what i'm going to wear" 

"Fineeeeeeee." I giggled and mumbled a bye then went and payed.

Harry's POV:

I walked back over to Taylor and handed her the shirt.

"Thanks babe. It's so pretty!!!!" is she blind??! What the hell is wrong with this girl?

"Welcome" I mumbled.

"Okay i'm going to go pay then we can leave." I nodded then she walked away.

*RIIIIING RIIIIIIING* Louis was calling me.

L: Hey Hazz where are you?

H: With Taylor. Yay.

L: Sorry lad.

H: It's alright. Why'd you call?

L: Oh to say were having Nandos for dinner.

H: Oh okay. Hey Lou?

L: Yeah?

H: I met someone today.

L: Really? Who???

H: Taylor...

L: Haz you already know Taylor

H: No another one.

L: Is she a bitch?

H: No she's the opposite.

L: Oh. Well then i'd love to meet her.

H: You will tomorrow. She's going to the concert and she has a backstage pass.

L: Okay awesome. I got to go Niall is fighting with Zayn about what to watch.

H: Okay talk to you later Lou.

*Call ended*

I hadn't realized I was on the phone awhile cause Taylor had finished paying and was looking annoyed at me for being on the phone while she waited. We made our way to the car. I hope she didn't hear about Tay though. I guess she didn't cause she didn't ask about her. Speaking of Tay I wonder what she's doing.

Tay's POV:

I had just got to the flat with Sam and we decided to just relax and do our nails for tomorrow. We got to talking and she asked the question I hoped she would.

"So what happened with you and Harry?" she asked anxious.

"Oh nothing." I smirked

"TELL ME!!!"

"Do you really want me to bore you?"

"Honey I doubt it was a bore."

"Okay well w-" I got interrupted by a text. From Harry. It said 'She loved the shirt. She actually bought it. xx' 

"Who texted you?" Sam questioned.

"Oh my mum."

"You don't text your mum."

"It's Harry."

"Oh what'd he want?"

"To say Taylor like the shirt I picked out."

"That thing was hideous! Is she blind or something?!" She snickered 

"I don't know let me ask him." I giggled

'Is she blind or something? ;D xx'

"Oh right so when you left me and him alone we started talking and then Taylor walked by and he didn't want to be seen so he kissed me." I blurted it out so fast and after about a minute of interpreting what I just said Sam smirked so wide that it hurt me!

"OH MY GOSH!!!" she squealed. I just sat there and giggled. 'I guess so. xx' 'Hey by the way you owe me a kiss! xx' I just sat there and blushed then replied saying 'I don't owe you anything Styles ;) xx'

"You guys flirt texting." she asked. More like stated.

(A/N THE CONCERT IS NEXT CHAPTER. FINALLY. P.S. I'll post the girls outfits next chapter.)

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