Is that possible?

Tess and her sister Ally are for a weekend in London. During shopping Ally runs into a cute irisch guy names Niall. He has a friend called Liam. They are shopping in London city too... For excuse they are going eat and Ally is getting closer with Niall. Tess is falling in love with Liam and he with her....


1. London

"Really?!" asked Ally smiled to Tess. "Yes and he said that he can't live with Kourtney that is why he lives in america now. Ally and Tess during shopping in London city. They are talking that is why they didn't look where they are going. Suddenly Ally rans into a cute guy. They are falling over..

Ally's POV:

"Oh god, I'm so so sorry. That is so embaressing for me. Is everything ok? I'm so so sorry..."

"No problem, it's all ok. Nothing happens. Are you ok too? I didn't looking were I'm going. I'm sorry. My name is Niall and this guy here is Liam my best friend. Whats your name?"

"My name is A..Ally... and this is Tess, my sister. I'm really sorry for that. Can I do something for excuse?"

"Mhm..I'm really hungry. Should we go and eat something?"

"Yes, that would be nice..."


Ally's POV:

Oh my god...that is so embaressing....why me?? And such a cute boy.... And whats that?? Why is Liam and Tess smiling at each other like old friends?? Oh god....


Niall's POV:

Hahaha.. that is so cute how Ally is getting red. She is so cute...I hope we will be getting closer.. .Why are Liam and Tess smiling at each other? That is funny.

Liam's POV:

That is such a cool day. First we were meeting with the other guys and now Niall rans into a girl which have a very cute sister... Tess is so beautiful...Her brown hair and her green eyes.. so nice.. and I'm smiling at her like a dumb boy...


Tess's POV:

Omg is Liam sweet.. so a handsome noy havn't  I seen since a year... His eyes... so wonderful...

"Where are you from? I'm from Mullingar in Ireland and Liam is from Wolverhampton here in London."

"We're from germany....we are here for two... eh no three days..."

 Ally is so shy... haha

"I know a goog restaurant here in the city. There can we go."

"Good idea Liam"


They were going to the restaurant and had much of fun. Ally and Niall were getting closer and closer. Tess and Liam were always smiling at each other and they were falling in love. They have arranged meetings for the days after. The full weekend have they spend together but than Tess and Ally must fly back to germany. They were changing numbers. They are texting and calling each day. Every year they will meet each other in the holidays. In one year Tess and Ally are going to england and ireland. Tess will living with Liam together in Wolverhamton and Ally with Niall in Mullingar. Every year in the holidays they will meet.




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