Riders On The Storm


1. Riders on the Storm

Riders On The Storm

Cast before the tumultuous winds

And the bone-jarring rattle of thunder

The flash of lightning

Setting the skies alight in a ghostly blue haze

Bitter smell of electricity and defeat

The fields below are red with blood

And lost unfulfilled passion

Traitorous liaisons have crippled the army

Stifled their will

Ended their fortitude

Signaled their demise

The demons laugh at the ease of their victory

So many souls now ripe for the plunder

Like sheep to be led to slaughter going happily




Even as shame is their mantle, their cloak, their lives

Apathy quelled passions fear took hold

And life passed away in the pre-dawn hours of the storm

Slipping noiselessly and without notice or care

Leaving the empty husks of literary zombies

To mull their dull existence that has no honor

No feeling

No direction

No future

Just an existence under the passing storm

With its bone-jarring thunder and bright flashes of lightning

No more feeling its power and passion

Its energies expending into the dark abyss of lifeless eyes

That can see it but cannot understand it

And fear it

And wish it gone



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