When Zayn runs away from his home,because of his fighting parents, his twin sisters-Ella and Olivia- are distraught. Later they decide to follow in Zayns footsteps and escape a violent over protective father. After they run away people discover their voices.Meanwhile, Zayn has joined a band(one direction). Will they ever meet again? Will there be a happy ever after?


9. why didn't you tell me?

Zayn's POV

"Who are they?"asked Harry
"Please don't say they're some random girls off the street! You have a girlfriend" Begged Niall
What the hell?!?
"No they're my sisters!"I argued back "This is Ella and Olivia and if you can't tell they are twins."
" But one them has bright red hair!" protested Niall
"One has a name,  my dear brother here just told you!" sassed Olivia, "Or are you a goldfish"
She's sassier than I remember
"Zayn are you gonna tell us their names or just stand there catching flies all day!" Ella shouted in my ear very loudly may I add.
"I like these girls" admitted Louis
Everyone nodded
"We' ve  gotta get going and check in at a hotel." Olivia told me
"You two aren't staying in a skanky hotel your staying here," I told them with authority,"so where's the rest of your luggage?"
"Your looking at it," Olivia stated with a slight hint of hurt.
I would of thought for two teenage girls they would've had more clothes! Well they could go shopping thoughts were interupted by the doorbell. I opened the door and there stood perrie. Oh shit!
"Zayn! What the hell you were supposed to meet me at the mall fountain an hour ago!" She shouted

Olivia's POV

"Zayn! What the hell you were supposed to meet me at the mall fountain an hour ago!" A girl shouted from the hallway.
No one could talk to zayn like that except Ella and I of course! I noticed Ella was thinking the same thing. In unison we stormed to the door
"Umm, who do you think you are talking to him like that?" I questioned
"Who are you?" the girl replied not answering my question
"I'm Ella and that's Olivia," Ella told the rude girl, "and Zayn is our brother, now who are you?"
"I'm Perrie Zayn's girlfriend!" She turned to Zayn "why didn't you tell me you had twin sisters?"
"Well...." Zayn begun

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