When Zayn runs away from his home,because of his fighting parents, his twin sisters-Ella and Olivia- are distraught. Later they decide to follow in Zayns footsteps and escape a violent over protective father. After they run away people discover their voices.Meanwhile, Zayn has joined a band(one direction). Will they ever meet again? Will there be a happy ever after?


12. The scars

Zayn's P.o.v 

While Niall took fiz to the kitchen I decided to ask Ella about those scars. 

" Ella? " 


'' could I speak to you in the other room please?" 

"Sure" she answered, then followed me to the other room.

"What'd you want to speak about?" 
" erm... Well you said you'd tell me about those scars that Liv had?" I told Ell while she fiddled with the sleeves of her jumper. 

"Well you know we told you what dad did?" She replied.

The thought of the monster I used to call 'dad' made me so angry. 

"Yes I know." I replied through gritted teeth. 

"Well he used to errrr... Use erm...knives to cut us sometimes." She looked down when she said this. 

"What! I'm am going to fucking kill him!!!" I screamed at the thought of it.

"Errr...Zayn that's not all.''

What eels could there be to tell?

"Fizzy also...well she sort'know she..." 

"Oh spit it out ell!" 

"She cuts herself." 

Louis' p.o.v 

Zayn and Ella had been talking a while. What the hell were they talking about?!? 

As I was thinking Niall and Olivia walked in holding sandwiches.

I admired Olivia while she walked in. It was almost like she was walking in slow motion.

"Oi Tomlinson why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer. " Liv told me while laughing.

I didn't realise I was staring that much. 

"Oh...uhh...sorry." I stumbled across my words. Just then zayn came back in the room with Ella.

Olivia's p.o.v 

After I'd confronted Louis and he'd muttered an apology, my brother and sister walked back in the room.

Zayn looked angry and ell almost looked guilty? 

"Olivia show me your wrists." Zayn spoke very calmly it was almost scary. 

Ella shyed away when zayn said this, covering her face with her hands. What the hell did she tell him?!?

"What? Why would I do that Zayn?"

"Olivia just show me your wrists!" By now all the boys were staring at us wide-eyed ,mouths open.

"No Zayn why?" I quivered. Why would I show him my wrists? I don't want him to see my scars.

"Olivia Chloe Grace Malik show me your wrists right now!" Zayn was growling then he jumped forward and pulled up my sleeves. 

Zayn's p.o.v 

I looked at the scars then to her. She had tears flowing down her cheeks.

Why would she do this to herself? I felt tears threatening to spill.

Louis spoke, "Olivia... Why?"  You could see he was already crying.

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