When Zayn runs away from his home,because of his fighting parents, his twin sisters-Ella and Olivia- are distraught. Later they decide to follow in Zayns footsteps and escape a violent over protective father. After they run away people discover their voices.Meanwhile, Zayn has joined a band(one direction). Will they ever meet again? Will there be a happy ever after?


11. Lost and found

Zaynʻs POV

We searched for hours in every corner, crack, cafe and park. It wasn't until dusk when everyone had gone back -except me and Ella- that we found her. But let's just say it was a shock when we found her surrounded by five, nineteen year olds (give or take a few years) saying the most vile things about her.

Olivia's POV

I ran straight out of the apartment and into the street, sprinting along, trying to get away. But for what reason? My mind was saying it was fear and embarrassment but my heart was saying the opposite, that I didn't know at all.
I stopped. Standing still, listening to my own heartbeat while sweat ran down my forehead. A boy appeared; my back tensed up. 
"Hey beautiful what's a girl like you doing here" he said trying to be seductive but terribly failing, yet he struck a sense of fear and terror into my heart.
 "Nothing" I murmured 
"Don't be scared we won't hurt you"he said 
"We?"  Suddenly three other boys appeared
The boy joined the others "yes we" 
They walked towards me expressing their views, things like: " Nice ass", " nice tits" them sort of views 
"Leave her alone" the voice sounded identical to Zayn's 
Wait Zayn!!! 

Zayns POV

I can't believe what was happening, my little sister was surrounded by a gang getting ready for a gang bang!
 "Woah mate why would we hand such a smokin' lady over to you?" 
I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. "You'll hand her over when she's my  sister! " I signalled to Ella to get Olivia while we ran as fast as we could. 

When we stopped Ella and I turned to our sister and formed a group hug. 
" You alright ? " Ella asked 
"Yeah fine , thanks for saving me. I don't know what would of happened if you didn't come." 

"We need to get back or the others will be worrying." I said as we started to walk again. 

Louis' POV 

You could tell we were all worrying. Liam was pacing back and forth the room . Harry was running his fingers through his curls while tapping his heel. 
Niall was the one that decided to break the tension. 
"Guys we're all worried but I can't stand silence someone talk!" 

Just as Niall said that, the twins and zayn burst through the door. 
" Olivia! " we screamed then we ran towards her. We were firing questions like 
" why did you run off?" "Where did you go?" "Are you okay?" 

 Olivia pushed us away " Guys I'm fine can I just go get something to eat pleeease?" 

" yeah 'course I'll show you to the kitchen " Niall said. 

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