When Zayn runs away from his home,because of his fighting parents, his twin sisters-Ella and Olivia- are distraught. Later they decide to follow in Zayns footsteps and escape a violent over protective father. After they run away people discover their voices.Meanwhile, Zayn has joined a band(one direction). Will they ever meet again? Will there be a happy ever after?


3. I'll miss you

Zayn's P.O.V They were fighting again. My parents. I could hear Ella and Olivia crying in their room; I got up and walked down the hallway and knocked on their door. "Come in," they whispered hoarsely. "Don't worry it'll be over soon." I told them. "But they'll just fight tomorrow and the next day and the next,"Ella said,"they fight constantly!" When the fighting stopped I went back to my room." I can't handle this anymore" I thought to myself. As soon as the thought crossed my mind I knew what I had to do. It would come with some sacrifices but I knew it was the right decision. I had to run away.


Olivia P.O.V We ran to Zayns room to tell him it was dinner. We knocked on the door. No answer. Ella carefully opened the door but he was gone. All his clothes gone. All his things in general. We both ran to the window to see zaynie getting onto a bus with two large suitcases. He was leaving. How could he do this to us? He knows we can't do this by ourselves. Does he know what he's planting on us? I turned around to see Ella collapsed on the floor. " Ella he'll come back. I know it " I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. But I was lying and she knew I was. " You know he's not coming back. He's gone, gone forever. He hated this place as much as us." I knew she was right but I couldn't get my brain to believe it. This sadness was eating us alive.

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