When Zayn runs away from his home,because of his fighting parents, his twin sisters-Ella and Olivia- are distraught. Later they decide to follow in Zayns footsteps and escape a violent over protective father. After they run away people discover their voices.Meanwhile, Zayn has joined a band(one direction). Will they ever meet again? Will there be a happy ever after?


10. Explanation

Zayn's pov 

"Well...." I started to explain before Olivia interrupted.

Erm...Perrie. First, I just wanna say sorry for Ella and I's behaviour. Second,please don't be angry at Zayn for not telling you, our family is very complicated and it takes a lot of trust to be able to tell someone the Malik family past." 

"Oh." Perrie stood there looking a little startled. 

"Thank you Fizz but I know that I can trust Perrie and if you don't mind, boys and sis's can I explain this to Perrie in private?" i asked

 "of course." Liam answered.

Ella's POV 

The boys led us through to the other room. That's when I noticed Olivia's scars- that our father had given to her- were showing through her shirt. The boy with curly hair beat me to pointing out. 

"Erm... What are all those scars on your arms?"                    Liv looked shocked. I could see the tears building up in her eyes. Before we knew it she had fled the room with tears streaming down her face.  

I chased her, but I couldn't find where she went. 

Perrie's POV 

I was shocked. Zayn had just finished explaining to me his past when the twin with vibrant red hair ran through the room. It looked as if she had been crying. Zayn jumped out of his seat with anger written all over his face. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" He screamed, a vain popping on his temple.

Harry answered," I asked her about her scars." he sounded so scared. 

"What scars?" Zayn was confused. This was when Ella decided to speak up. 

"Err.. Zayn I need to tell you something, but after we find Olivia!"

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