It all happened because he wanted a Meal Platter...

Alice works at Nandos. She was doing overtime that night. That was when she met him. The Irish cutie Niall. By going to get a Meal Platter at Nandos really help you meet your soulmate? This is the story of Niall and Alice.


1. 'Can you give me a hand please?'



‘Here’s your 5 chicken wings, that will be £5.20.’ I let out a sigh at the end of that sentence as I had just done overtime at Nandos. Again. ‘Thank you.’ The customer replied to me and made their way out. I was the last one here and it was time to lock up.  I knew I had a lot to wash up so I decided to lock the door now. I was just about making my way to the kitchen when all of a sudden I hear a very loud thud against the door. I look through the window and I can’t see no one. I open the door and I look around. No one. I then hear a grunting sound which is followed by Irish cursing. I look down and I see a handsome guy with blond hair and twinkling blue eyes. I can’t help but stare into them.  

‘Can you give me a hand please?’ He reaches out his hand. ‘Hello, can you please help me?’ He still had his hand out waiting for me to respond but I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying I was just too lost in those blue eyes of his. ‘Helloooooo!’ He waved his hand in my face and that was when I was back in reality. ‘Hand please?!’

‘Oh my god! I’m so sorry I was just lost there for a minute.’ I said. He chuckles and I give him my hand and he gets up.

‘I can’t believe I just ran into a door. I’m so embarrassed.’ He blushes. Oh my God my heart just melts he is so cute.

‘Nooo. It’s alright. I once got chased by an army of ducks at the park, as I was running I bumped into someone riding their bike and then I fell into the pond.’ WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT?! I was making a complete fool out of myself. He must be thinking I’m a weirdo now. Great.  I don’t know why I was so nervous around him, I’ve always been cool when it comes to being around guys but there was something about him. There was an awkward silence for a bit until it was broken by a hysterical laugh from the Irish cutie.

‘Are- you- for- real?!’ He said laughing after every word.

I blush and smile at him. ‘I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m acting like this. You must think I am a complete weirdo now.’

‘Not at all. To be honest I think it’s really cute.’ He gives me a smile and I know I’m blushing.

‘Well. Are you going to invite me in?’ He asks.

‘I’m really sorry but it’s closing time.’

‘Noooo. Pleaseeee? Come on all I want is a meal platter. Anyway how can you say no to this?’ He pouts and again my heart just melts.

‘Oh okaaay.’ I smile at him. ‘Come in.’

He goes inside and I follow and lock the door. He looks at me with his shining blue eyes. Gosh, once you look into them it’s so hard to get out.

‘I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Niall.’ He gives me a big smile.

‘My name is Alice.’ He puts his hand out. I shake his hand and then pull him in for a hug. ‘I’m sorry but I’m a hugger.’  He hugs me back and I hear him chuckle. God, I just couldn’t get enough of that laugh. 

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