We were friends

They were best friends since year 7 and now he hates her. She doesn't know why he hates her but she never tryed to find out.
Megan Bailey is a young talented girl she has many friends and her best friend was called Zack Davis they played, laughed and hung out all the time but one day Megan got a new best friend and starts to leave Zack out. The next day Zack was being mean to Megan and it kept happening, Megan didn't tell she kept in.
Weeks later Magen get fed up and at night runs away she found an abandoned place to stay and kept in there all the time to keep away from Zack. Zack finds Megan and hurts her more. Then Zack relizes what he had done wrong and tells her perents, trys to find Megan but no hope. Months later Megan was found and had to go to hospital. Zack had gone to the police and been put in jail. Megan gets better and goes back home.


1. BFF'S

"Hey megan wait up" shouted Zack

"Hey what u up to" said megan " what do you want"

"Not much just to hang around"

"ok, what you want to do then"

"you can come to mine have lunch and stay and do stuff" Zack said not sure

"ok sounds fun i'll just call my mum to see if its ok with her first.....go and wait by the fountain for me"

"kk" Zack walked over to the fountain and played on his phone. He waited 10 mins for megan and finily she told him. She couldn't go and she was really upset about that. " sorry i really wanted to come but i wasn't allowed sorry"

"it's ok meg don't worry mabey next time" Zack hugged megan and walked home. The next day at school megan and Zack hung out with thire friends: Holly, Victoria, amelia, james, alex and george. They were all the best friends you could ever have. They were funny and cool and they always were there for you. Every day megan would play with Zack and always keep in contact. When megan got home she unlocked he box witch has her diary in and then she opened her diary and wrote about her day.

Dear Diary,

                    I love life with zack he is so nice and he always is there for me. I am never in trouble because he keeps me out of it. Today zack me and my friends were all playing/hanging out and we always a laugh when zack is there. I have this deep secret that i don't wont anyone to know, its that i have a crush on zack but i am sceared that if i tell him he will fall out with me and i really dont want that to happen do i? I have many things in my life to sort out and one i dont want to be is having my best friend gone. Why do we fall in love? why why why? is there a point of love is there. i dont know but i guss there is a good reson for it. I dont know all things but i know alot so i wont find out about love...but how how. Next week i am going to a song rehersal with zack i hope it goes well and it should when zack is there. xxx

Megan locked away her diary in her box and started day dreaming.

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