Why I Hate Facebook

My name is Jane, Jane Winters to be exact.
My family is pretty "modern" as you might say, or at least I am.
Because I spend every second of my life on Facebook.
That's all before I started to hate Facebook, and basically the internet itself.


1. Meeting Him

Its not like my like depends on Facebook, actually my world would be great if it wasn't made as a distraction.

"What are you doing?" Mikey, my little brother asks.

"Facebooking." I say.

He looks at me and walks off.

I return deep into my facebook messaging with my best friend Lola, who is visiting San Francisco for the Summer.

I scan all my friend requests, 42.

I don't know any of these people.

Add the cute ones, block the stupid ones.

It's simply a way of life.

I looked through the list.

Dana Marsipuil (deny)

Reed Tristan (Deny)

Lucas Redshane (accepted)

Wait, Wait.

Did I just get a request from the cutest guy like ever.

Apparently so.

"Mom!" I yell down the hallway.

I better show her this guy, she says no one was ever as cute as my day back in the "old days" 

"Yeah dear, i'm making you lunch." She says

Mom walks into my room and I show my phone to her.

"Did Dad ever look cuter than this?" I say.

She smiles.

"Yeah, i'm afraid so, why? Is that your boyfriend?" She asks me.

"I wish." I sigh.

"Oh, okay honey, Dinner is ready in about fifteen minutes" She says, closing my door behind her.

I look at Lucas's profile quick before i get a message, from Lucas






Authors Note:;



Thanks for reading, sorry its short, it will get better, i promise.

Please tell me what you think



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