New Life

Maia and Harry are twins. When they are orphaned they go live with their filthy rich aunt. They live in a world were at 18 EVERYTHING is chosen for them. the people they love, where they live, their jobs. Maia and Harry get a New Life. THIS IS MY FIRST STORY COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK! (: oops i put the wrong cover oh well just go with it! (:


2. The next day

The next day was a blur. Our mean Aunt Brittany came and took us in. Ever since she walked through the door i didnt like her. 

"My! What a horrible little shack! oh look the horrid offspring of my sister! Well at least you have her looks. Take off those rags! here put this on. AT LEAST look attractive." 

Oh yeah i forgot where she comes from Appearance is Everything. They expect us to start attracting "mates" at this age. I think its stupid! But since this dumb bitch is in control of me now i have to listen. 

I ween through almost a full blown make over. My hair and make up was done and im wearing the most expensive clothes ive ever seen. When Harry and I looked in the mirror for the first time, we looked...gorgeous. It was crazy all the things these people did for beauty. We quickly took off from our small little town. My aunt and her "snobiness" couldnt stand it there. I couldnt even say good bye to the place. All I did was put my self in Harrys arms and stared out the window thinking about the new place we would call home. 


Maias outfit: yes Maia looks like Nina Dobrev (:

Harrys Outfit:

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