New Life

Maia and Harry are twins. When they are orphaned they go live with their filthy rich aunt. They live in a world were at 18 EVERYTHING is chosen for them. the people they love, where they live, their jobs. Maia and Harry get a New Life. THIS IS MY FIRST STORY COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK! (: oops i put the wrong cover oh well just go with it! (:


1. The Day it Changed

  It was a warm summer day. My dad, brother, and I lived on the poor side of town. All the houses were run-down 1-story homes all made of concrete, lacking personality. I didnt really care much. Only spent time in the house whenever i went to bed, ate, or whenever its winter. I always enjoyed myself outside like the rest of my family. I was outside running around in the mud, climbing with trees and playing with bugs with my twin brother Harry. We had a good childhood.  My dad was in the center of town doing some shopping. By dinner time my dad still wasnt home. Oh well, maybe he went out for a drink or something. so Harry and I went to bed. At about 4:13 in the morning we get a knock on the door. Dad still wasnt home so I got it and our next door neighbor, Mrs.Hall walks in crying. I sat her on the couch.

"Whats wrong?" I questioned.

She starts crying even more. "Y-Your father.."

"WHAT ABOUT HIM?" Harry shouts worringly.

  "H-He was found dead. I'm so sorry..."

I didnt even know how to react. We were orphans. My mother died of child birth. All I could do was run to harry and I dug my sobbing face into his shirt. Then he whispered into my ear,

"Its okay. I'm here for you always."


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