Harriet's Hero Harry

Its Harriet's birthday soon and she is a true directioner. Her dad works for Apple and he gets to go to all of the launches for the new phones and other products. He is at one of the launches when he suddenly spots one direction, he gets talking to them about how much of a fan Harriet is of them. Read on to find out what happens on Harriet's birthday....


1. Revenge

Introducing you to the most annoying and spottiest little brat you will ever meet ... Callum. Callum always has to take it too far up to the point where my hand comes into contact with his spotty little round face. He thinks its funny when he takes my one direction posters from my locker and decorates them with rude little insults and draws massive dicks on their faces, well i have had enough i am  going to take revenge. I'm not going to let him treat my boys like that ! Oh I nearly forgot, my names Harriet and if you hadn't guessed by now i am one directions biggest fan! My dream is to meet them one day and i have always wanted to tell Harry how much i love him.   

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