I Love My Brothers' Bestfriend

Anna Ellis has an amazing life. A wonderful boyfriend, an amazing over protective older brother, and a unbelievable guy friend, Dalton. He's been there since she was born. Him and her brother, Taylor, have known each other since birth and Dalton was there when Anna was born. The only problem is that Anna and Dalton both are in love with each other. The thing is that their scared to admit their feeling because their scared they'll ruin their friendship. Can Anna and Dalton work up the nerve to tell each other how that feel or will they keep them buried deep inside and never let them out?


1. Friday afterschool

NOTE: The first couple of chapters will be short, but will eventually get longer! I posted this story on a game which has a story forum and I improved my writing as I went!   I was sitting on the couch waiting for my older brother, Taylor, and his bestfriend, Dalton, to get home from football practice late that afternoon. Dalton is also like another big brother to me. Him and Taylor have been Bestfriends since they were in diapers. As I was waiting on them I completely zoned out and started day dreaming about Dalton and how I wish I was his but I'm with my boyfriend, Drake, and he's with his girlfriend, Morgan.   I knew that even if we were together Taylor wouldn't allow it since he's never approved of any of my boyfriends. He's always been over-protective of me. At that very moment I was snapped out of thought by Taylor and Dalton walking thought the door with 3 large pizzas like we always do on Friday nights.



"Hey baby sis." I heard my brother yell as he went to The kitchen then I felt Dalton plop down on the couch right beside me.

  "Hey "Baby Sis"." He used the air quotes to establish the fact I was like his baby sister but not by blood or marriage.   "Hey guys!" I giggled as I felt Dalton hug me from the side and kiss my cheek.   "Ok, Blair I'm having people over tonight so you can do whatever you want tonight." He felt that when he had people over that he should allow me to go out because he felt like I would get irritated by his friends and he was probably right which is another thing I love about him is that he does want me upset   "Thanks Tay." I smiled and thought   *This is going to be a long night* I thought to myself
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