Love Bites

I was stabbed an left to die, until someone saved me. Or at least I think they did. Problem is I don't know who that someone is, who turned me immortal. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a vampire, and I didn't choose to be.

(Can you guess wich one of the boys from one direction it is?)


5. The Boys

We pulled away and held hands listening to the crashing of the waterfall. "How exactly did you become a vampire?" I asked. He tensed up. "If you don't want to talk about it that's fine." I said looking down. "No I think it's time I tell someone." He was struggling "The boys and I had a fight. I went to take a walk. I went far away not realizing how far I had gone. Then I sensed I was being followed. The man looked like he wanted to hurt me. I started running, but he was to fast. He grabbed me and since he was stronger, I couldn't get away. He bit me almost sucking out every ounce of blood in my body. Somehow I managed to get away before he could. I had survived, but I was too late. The venom took over my body and became a monster. I didn't want to be this. I feel like a horrible person that doesn't deserve to be alive." Tears were now brimming his eyes. I reached up and touched his cheek. It felt good being able to touch someone without them freaking out. "Hey, your not a monster. You saved me didn't you?" He looked at me. "By turning you into a monster." I took my hand from his cheek and pointed to him. "Listen Liam you will never be the monster you think your are. You don't go killing people in cold blood. You are good." I made sure I got my point across. He shook his head. "I hope your right." I pointed to my self "hey I know that I'm right." I stood up taking one last look at the view. "We should probably be heading back." He stood up beside me. "Yea..." he said. Suddenly I had got an idea. "Race you!" And I took off running. It wasn't long before I heard crunching of the leaves behind me. "Hey that's not fair your alot faster than me!" I laughed and kept running. It was fun running with someone who could, well almost, keep up with you. We made it to the school and I stopped running. I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist. "Cheater." He whispered in my ear. "Oh don't be a sore loser." I said like if I was talking to a baby. "Hey you two inside!" One of the assistant principles yelled. We both looked at each other, laughed, then walked in holding hands. People were still at lunch so we didn't miss class. As soon as we stepped foot in the cafeteria everyone's eyes were on us. I didn't care, I survived years of high school like this with people thinking I'm wierd I'm sure I can take more. I kept my head held high never letting go of his hand. There was one empty table so me and Liam sat down. We began talking about how life has been for the both of us since that night, when he stared at something behind me. I turned to look at what it was and saw four boys walking twords us. "Who are they?" I asked. "Those are my mates." They were now beside our table. "Hey Liam where were you?" The blond one asked. "Oh nowhere" Liam said drawing on the table with his finger. There was an awkward silence. "Who's this." The curly haired one asksed eyeing me. Liam pulled me closer twords him with his arm around my shoulder. "This is Kelly girlfriend." I was speechless. I looked at him with wide eyes and he just smiled. Guess I have a boyfriend now. "Oh...." Curly said rocking on his heels. "We'll I'm Niall, this is Louis, Zayn, and Harry." The blond one said pointing to each of them. Zayn got close to my face. "Your eyes are cool!" He was now staring into my eyes. I backed away. "Zayn leave the girl alone." Louis said elbowing Zayn. He looked down. "Sorry I've never seen those kind of eyes on anyone except Liam." They all looked at me then at Liam. "Your right...." Niall said. I was hoping they wouldn't say anything else. "Well....if it doesn't work out between you two...ill always be available." Harry said leaning closer to my face." The smell of blood overcame my senses. I played it off by pushing him gently away and laughed. "Whoa your cold! What were you holding ice?" Harry yelled. I quickly put my hands under the table. Niall started staring at me. Just then the bell rang. Saved by the bell! I grabbed my bag and sped off to 5th period. This was going to be hard around the boys.
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