Love Bites

I was stabbed an left to die, until someone saved me. Or at least I think they did. Problem is I don't know who that someone is, who turned me immortal. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a vampire, and I didn't choose to be.

(Can you guess wich one of the boys from one direction it is?)


9. Sorry Luke

The light started pouring in from the window. "Oh look Liam its morning." I said pointing to the ray of light. "Oh yea." He said slowly. I realized I was still on top of him and started getting off. "Where you going?" He asked grabbing my hand. "Oh I just thought you wouldn't want to be crushed by me on top of you." My eyebrow was slightly raised. He smiled and let go of my hand. I sat on the edge of the bed when I suddenly thought of something. "Liam we have school today and I don't have any clothes!" He sat up. "Your right." He said ruffing up his hair. I stood up. "I'll just run home, change, and get some clothes there." I was about to leave when all of a sudden he was in front of the door. "Liam I have to go now." He stepped closer. "Promise me you will come back." I rolled my eyes smiling. "Alright if I have time." He stood to the side and I moved passed him running down the stairs. Before I knew it i was out the door and speeding twords my house. I can make it I said to myself. I picked up my pace and made it home with 10 minutes to spare. Rumaging through my pockets for my keys, while walking up the steps to my apartment, a figure came into view by my door. "Luke? What are you doing here." He was sitting against the wall playing with his fingers. "You didn't awnser any of my calls or text." He looked down not making eye contact with me. That's right! Luke had texted me and called! I mentally slapped myself. "I'm so sorry Luke I was busy and when I saw my phone it was to late to call you back." I sat down beside him. "Well when u didn't awnser I got worried so I came here. When you didn't awnser the door I figured you were still asleep so here I am." He said shrugging. He seems sad and upset. I have him a hug. "I'm so sorry Luke." I said. "It's alright, I'm just glad your okay." There was silence. "So where were you anyway?" Like asked. "Um....i was with..." I trailed off "Liam." He said completing my sentence. His voice sounded harsh as if he didnt approve. "What's wrong with Liam?" I asked. He didnt respond for a while. "It's just ever since you've started hanging out with him it's like you've completely forgotten about me. Last night you forgot you told me we were going to meet at Starbucks, you don't text me, and at school you don't even sit with me at luch anymore. It's like I'm the freak with no friends again. You made me feel like I wasn't a freak when I had no one. Now I'm alone all over again." He looked down. A big pang of guilt was rising inside me. I had left him alone and completely ignored him. "Oh my gosh Luke I would never intentionally do that, it's just Liam and I......we are kind of dating..." I explained. He put his head in his hands and muttered something under his breath. "What did you say Luke?" I asked confused. "Nothing it's nothing." He said shaking his head. I stood up "come on. Let's go inside I have to change for school." I said pointing to the oversize shirt I was wearing." He never made eye contact with me all he said was "nahh I got to go. Bye" and he turned and walked away. What was up with him. Does he not like the idea of me an Liam dating?
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