Love Bites

I was stabbed an left to die, until someone saved me. Or at least I think they did. Problem is I don't know who that someone is, who turned me immortal. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a vampire, and I didn't choose to be.

(Can you guess wich one of the boys from one direction it is?)


2. New Kids

I had posted a chapter before this but i kinda changed the story so i rewrote the first chapter. i hope you like it!! xXbella

It's been two months since I was bitten. I'm trying my hardest to live a normal life, going to school, and having a part time job taking pictures. High school is very hard. Not the math or subjects in general but, being around so many humans. The smell of blood is everywhere. I've learned to control my thirst, and I'm very proud to say I've never hurt a human once. It's funny sometimes saying 'humans' because I remember I used to be one. Sometimes I wish that the person who saved me went to my high school, but I doubt that. Everyone here thinks I'm wired, my pale skin, my bright red and brown eyes, I dont eat, and the way I push people away. They probably just think I'm anti-social or anorexic, but they have no idea. What am I supposed to say to them "I don't bite?" well that would be a total lie. I only have one friend that isn't afraid to talk to me. His name is Lucas, or as I call him Luke. He has light brown hair, light blue eyes and used to be a swimming jock but people don't talk to him anymore because he didn't acknowledge anyone after he witnessed his parents murder and couldn't do anything to stop it. He was very distant and built up a wall around people. No one was there to comfort him except me. I saw him suffering and couldnt just stand and watch so that's how we became best friends. The only thing I've ever kept from him is that I'm a vampire I so badly want to tell him, but I can't.

It was a regular day at school, and me and Luke were passing notes since he sat behind me. "Class we have two new students." Everyone looked up to see a blond hair boy and beside him a pale brown hair boy. "Hi I'm Niall Horan" the blond haired one said while waving. The pale one didn't speak until the blond one elbowed him. "I'm Liam Payne" He said looking down. He looked like he was holding something back, standing still almost as if he wasn't breathing. I studied his face intrested in how his eyes were just like mine and how pale he was. He looked right at me and I looked down quickly. I pushed the thought aside and continued to draw a rose I had been sketching. "Mr. Payne you will be sitting by Ms. Avery. Ms. Avery please raise your hand." I looked up and slowly raised my hand. Why did he have to do that my name is Kelly or as Luke calls me Kells. It's like he insisted on calling everyone bye their last name. Liam started making his way towards me. There was something about his walk it was almost flawless "And Mr.horan take a seat here." He pointed to the seat in the front. Liam sat by me and I could feel him staring at me, but I pretened like I was paying attention to the teacher. The bell rang and everyone got up to go to lunch. "So what do you think of the new kids?" Luke asked, as we walked down the hall. I paused "well....Niall seems nice. Liam....hard to read." I replied. I was left alone at our usual table while Luke went to get lunch. Me being a vampire I don't eat. Liam and Niall sat at a table behind me with 3 other guys. I didn't pay them any attention just playing with a drop of water on the table, until Luke came back. "Hey Kells I think Liam is staring at you." He whispered sitting down beside me. I looked behind me and sure enough there was Liam staring at me. I turned back quickly. "No he's not." I said trying to play it off. He shrugged and accidentally knocked over his water, but before it could spill I caught it and stood it back up. I mentally slapped myself because I knew Liam probably saw that. "How do you do that?" Luke asked. "Good reflexes I guess." Throughout lunch I feel Liam's eyes on me. What was his problem? Was he on to me being a vampire? This couldn't be good.
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