Love Bites

I was stabbed an left to die, until someone saved me. Or at least I think they did. Problem is I don't know who that someone is, who turned me immortal. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a vampire, and I didn't choose to be.

(Can you guess wich one of the boys from one direction it is?)


16. Into the New

Colors swirled against the darkness of my closed eyelids. This was my first time tasting human blood. One bite was all he needed but, I found it hard to stop. Images of Luke's life flashed by in my head. Blood poured in my mouth. The monster side I don't like to come out was taking over. I felt someone nudging me, I desperatley tried to take my body back over, it was all out war between me and the monster tha lives in me. It got stronger and suddenly I heard a voice. "Kelly stop!" I finally gained comtrol and I threw myself back from Luke, blood all over my hands. My chest was rising and falling fast. I saw him there his body lifeless. My head fell in my hands. I failed, any chance he had of living I ruined it. Tears started falling down my cheeks. My hand covered my mouth shaking, while I sat there staring at his body. "I couldn't do it." I said quietly. Liam got up and walked over to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "It's ok Kelly you tried." I was now sobbing. All that could be heard was my deep gasp for air as tears brimmed my eyes. Suddenly the was a gasp and it wasnt mine. My head shot up as I saw Luke holding his neck twitching. "Luke!" I yelled crawling over to him. "Ke-Kelly whats---happening- t-to me." He said as he was shaking. He was alive! His face now pale the same as mine. "Luke your alive!" I said my head falling on his shaking body. "Agh" he yelled clutching his throat. "Kells! Help me." I started crying. I couldn't bare to see him in pain, but this was my responsibility. Now I realize how Liam felt with me, except I wasn't going to leave Luke. "It's ok Luke I'll explain everything, ju-just." I didn't know what to do. Suddenly we heard sirens. The cops couldnt see him like this no one could, plus if he smelled their blood he'd go psyco. "Come on." I said picking him up and putting him on my shoulder. "We need to get you out of here." His body was shaking uncontrollably so much he might have slipped off if I let him go. "When d did y-you become so strong." He asked in pain. "Always have" and with that I raced into the woods, the sirens quickly fading. He screamed in pain. I blocked it out I had to keep running as far away as possible. The world became a blur. Once I decided we were far enough I set him down on the ground. His body was now cold and hard, not as I once knew as warm and flesh. "Kells how d-did you run so fast?" He asked. I took a deep breath and sat next to him on the grass. "I'll explain everything when your in better condition. Right now just try to think good things to distract you from the pain." I said quietly. He swallowed hard trying to regulate his breathing. He looked up at the sky as he laid on his back. He laughed as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. "What?" I asked confused. "It's just like old times me and you in the forest together looking at the sky. Well except I wasn't shaking on the floor like I crazy person and you were laying down with me." He said trying to calm his body. I grabbed his hand and smiled, remembering. "Don't worry Luke your gonna be ok. I promise just....different." His body stopped shaking and his eyes drifted close. The world around him seemed to dissapeared as his body went weak. His old humand self dying once and for all, soon he would wake up a new creation that theist for blood.The only way I knew he was alive was because his grip on my hand never loosened.
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