Love Bites

I was stabbed an left to die, until someone saved me. Or at least I think they did. Problem is I don't know who that someone is, who turned me immortal. If you haven't guessed yet I'm a vampire, and I didn't choose to be.

(Can you guess wich one of the boys from one direction it is?)


7. Hurtful encounter

I seemed to be running alot more often now, you know running away from my problems. I ran to the only place I knew was safe from anyone. The woods. I weaved in and out of dozens of trees suddenly I heard someone right behind me. I ran faster and when I thought I lost who or whatever it was I stopped. A hand grabbed my shoulder. My insincts kicked in, and I grabbed the arm and flipped whoever it was over my shoulder. "Ow." I heard someone moan. I turned to see a body lying there and that body belonged to Liam. "Oh god!" I ran over to him and examined his body for any damage. "I'm so sorry Liam are you ok?" He laughed in response. "I'm fine. God your strong!" He touched his arm wincing in pain. "I'm sorry it was instinct I didn't knew it was you. Forgive me?" I asked. He smirked and said, "well....I suppose I could did something for me." I was confused. "And what would I do?" I asked. "Oh I don't know...." He quickly pulled me on top of him and flipped us over so he was on top of me and I was on the ground. "Perhaps a kiss?" He said finishing his sentence. "Hmm...let me see...." I said pretending to think. I rolled us over again so I was now on top of him staring into his eyes. "Your not like any girl I've ever met." He said. "We'll of course you haven't I'm a vampire." I said laughing. "You know what I mean. You don't care what people think of you, you can flip a guy over your shoulder that is probably twice your weight, and your very intimidating. Yet your beautiful." I blushed. "So you find me intimidating Mr. Payne?" I asked laughing. "Well you are on top of me pinning me to the ground with one arm, so yea I guess you are at times." He smiled. Before I knew it we were leaning in and our lips found each others. I felt as if his kiss brought my cold lifeless body to life. Thunder cracked in the distance and rain started pouring down, but that didnt stop us because if you didn't know vampires are stronger and more fierce during storms. The kiss became more intense, my hands in his wet brown hair and his arms around my waist. This made up for all the weeks of not seeing eachother. I decided then as we were kissing in the storm, the drops of cold rain enveloping are bodies until we were drenched, that it didnt matter what the situation was I would never avoid Liam again. He gave me everything I've ever wanted to feel. How could I be without that?
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