Romantic Night Out

Valentine's Day is coming closer, and Niall thinks of what he can get for his girlfriend, Lauren. He decides to take her to France for a romantic night out.


1. Be my Valentine



Niall‘s P.O.V.




Only two days to go ,‘till valentines day. I had to get Lauren a present. Lauren and I were dating since 8 months now, and we still were so in love. I decided to go to the mall and to her favourite accessory shop - Claire‘s. Because of our tour, the boys and I still were in Germany. So I wanted to buy her something really special and typical German.

,Liam! Come over here‘ I shouted. ,I‘ve found something for Lauren! Could I get her that?‘ I asked him. Liam always knew what girls liked. ,What is it?‘ He asked. Then he came over and saw the necklace in my hand. It was a heart-shaped pendant, and you could open it. ,That‘s gorgeous! You could put a little picture od you two in there‘ he told me.


Now, the only thing what I could think of was my Lauren. She had beautiful blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She was tall, but still smaller than I was, and that was pretty good. I remembered the day I met her. I was sitting outside of Nando‘s, doing what I always do - eat. She was sitting two tables away from me. I was staring at her. Then she realized I was. She came over and sat at my table: ,Hi, I‘m Lauren.‘ I couldn‘t help but smile. ,I‘m Niall, but my friends call me Nialler!‘ I introduced myself to her. ,Nice to meet you.‘ I added.   




Liam‘s P.O.V.



,Nialler? Are you alright?‘ I asked. Niall wasn‘t moving, he was just staring holes into the air. His eyes were shining as bright as the sun and he had a big smile over his entire face. ,W-what? Were you talking to me?‘ He turned around and looked at me. ,Yes, I was. What were you thinking about?‘ I knew that he was thinking of Lauren, but he wouldn‘t tell me.



Niall‘s P.O.V



,Okay, so I‘ll buy her the necklace.‘ I mumbled. He just nodded. The necklace wasn‘t the only thing I would get her. I‘d also take her out to a romantic picnic at the seaside while the sun set. That wouldn‘t be possible in England, so I bought us flight tickets to France. 



***Two days later***


 I woke up and turned around. Lauren was still sleeping. I din‘t want to wake her up, so I decided to pack her things for France. She didn‘t know about it yet, so I made it an even bigger suprise. I wondered what I would pack for her and I decided to go with the casual style. I packed her some T-shirts, jeans and her favorite converse. Half an hour later, she woke up. ,Good morning babe‘, she said. ,Good morning sweety‘ I replied to her, while staring in her beautiful eyes. ,C‘mon get up, we have to leave in 1 hour!‘ I told her. ,Leave where to?‘ She asked me with a big question mark on her face. ,You‘ll see...!‘ was my only answer.

Two hours later, we already passed the security at the airport. ,Flight 49188 to Nizza, leaves in 20 minutes from gate 17 A‘ a woman said through the loudspeakers. ,That‘s our flight, we have to hurry!‘ I quickly told her. ,France? Serious?‘ she sounded pretty happy, also because France was her favourite country. 


As we arrived at our hotel in Nizza, I took her hand, grabbed the basket with food, that I had made and we walked down to the beach. It was 6 o‘clock in the evening, the perfect time to take a walk. We took our shoes off, and walked a bit around the beach.


Lauren‘s P.O.V.


Wow! The feeling of cold water touching your feet, was amazing! It felt so great. God, I loved Niall. Suddenly, he put the basket down. I was still wondering what was in it. He took a blanket out of the basket, and put it on the sand. Then, he took some candles out and lit them. After that, he pulled some sandwiches out of it, and gave me one. Yes, Niall was very romantic, but when it came down to food, he prefered the easy way. ,Happy valentine‘s day‘ He said and kissed me softly. As the sun set, he took my hand, and carried me bridal style. He walked down to the shore and a bit into the water. As the water went up to his knees, he threw me into the water. I started to scream, because it was so cold. He had a worried look on his face, but then I started laughing and pushing him down. Now we both were wet and started throwing water at each other. Then he moved closer and kissed me softly under the moonlight. It definitely was the best valentines day ever! He pulled something out of his pocket. A silver necklace! He turned me around, and put it on my neck. I looked at him smiling. ,I love you!‘, he said while kissing me again. 

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