When Harry forgets Valentines day he is on a mission to make it the best valentines day she'll ever have!
Does he succeed? or does he fail at this mission?


1. I forgot!! (Harry's POV)

"HEY BABE! Guess what it is soon;)" I read on my phone. It was from Maddie. 

Maddie has been my girlfriend for nearly a year now, and she was also my bes friend...but what exactly was is soon? It wasn't her birthday, that's in October. So what was it? Her mothers, fathers? I was thinking for nearly a half hour now and still had no idea what it could be. 'I shouldn't ask her what it is..she  would go mad' I thought.

I decided to ask her, but sneakily. "You tell me babe!;)" I replied. Maybe that winky face would do the trick. I waited for her reply for over an hour. What was is? I should ask Louis, or the other boys. I picked up the phone and dialled Louis' number, before it popped up on speed dial. The phone was ringing. "Yeah..Err..Louis, what exactly IS it soon? Maddie sent a text asking me to guess what it is or GOD..DAMN I HAVE TO GO!" I shouted after I found out, I grabbed my coat and ran out of my apartment. It was valentines day in two days! What could I get her? She'd be expecting a lot as its our first Valentines together. 

I was at a shop, I looked in the window to see love hearts made of paper stuck to the roof, teddy bears, chocolates. Most saying 'Out of stock' What in earth should I get her? I walked in the shop, to see everyone staring at me. "Harry Styles" I heard a mother whisper to the shop keeper. I wiped my feet on the rug and walked in with a slight smile. I walked towards the till, with everyone staring at me and stood still, frozen. I ignored this, I was used to it by now. " you have anything for Valentines day?" I looked around, pointless of me saying it..with all those products. The shop WAS Valentines day. The keeper looked at me, confused. Then she cracked a smile, luckily. "Harry! HI! Yes..yes we do! Take a pic!" She laughed, I smiled for a second then become serious. I turned to face the shop, the only colours I could see right now was red, pink and white. Girly things. Maddie wasn't like that, she wouldn't want fancy teddy bears and expensive chocolate! What should I buy her? I turned again, looking at the confused woman behind the desk. "HA!" I laughed. Then walked towards the door. "Sorry..Mistake! I thought this was some other shop, well bye!" I ran out, as red as those hearts! I walked down the town centre of London, packed with gossiping people, and shops loaded with Valentines. I walked and walked, still having no idea what the buy her. She wouldn't like all the attention and money bought on her, but that isn't the point. I have to get her something. But what? 

"So yeah I have no flipping idea! None at all!" I told Niall. We were having lunch in Starbucks. I was telling him what I should buy her. Everything fancy is the wrong way to go. She was a awkward buyer and I had no idea what to get her. But Niall thought of a wonderful idea. "Throw her a party..She doesn't like expense and a party will a lot of people there isn't exactly attention for her. She hates attention...I'd throw her a party. With balloons, music, dancing. We can all go there!" He said, whilst drinking his £10 Coffee. I stood up out of my seat. "Niall..Yes! I'm off..I have two days to do this! And I will!" I shouted..then walked off. I turned to see him chuckling to himself. 

So now that I had the idea, how could I turn it into something real? First step, to text Maddie to meet me at a venue on Valentines day. That way I'd HAVE to do it! I thought of what the venue could be. The church my mother got married in? All the way in Chesire? That's possible. I walked towards the telephone book and flicked through it. I had a Chesire telephonebook, for emergency's. This is definitely an emergency. I saw the number, Dialled it, and called it. It was ringing. "HI..Its Harry, Yep Anne's son! I have a huge problem..could I rent your Church for Valentines? Just the reception! Well yeah..OK..How much would it cost?..You don't have to do that! OK Thanks a lot! Much appreciated! Bye!" I hung up. The owner of that church was a very close friend with the whole family, so he was letting me rent it for free! Now that's done. I needed to get balloons, invitations, food, all in one day! 

Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam was going to help me, then decided that invitations wasn't a good idea! It would just be us four and our couples. And our family's. I decided to text Maddie and tell her. "Babe..Sorry I haven't seen you in a while. But on Valentines you will be getting a cab with Louis to Chesire. Don't ask. I'll see you there. Make yourself look prettty! HAHA!" I text her. 

It was the day. I was driving the car to Chesire, seeing mum, dad, Gemma. All of the other boys' family! This was a great idea. I stepped out of the car, to see them all in there dresses and suites. Maura, Niall's mother, said to Anne: "oooh! I bet this is bigger than there actual wedding!" Anne laughed. Was is? Was  it TOO much? I ignored the fact and looked out for Louis' cab. Eleanor was here already. Everyone was here except Louis and Maddie. 

We was waiting for about ten minutes before we could see a shadow, and now hear it. I stood up, as I was sat on the grass, to see Louis in the front, and Maddie? She wasn't in my view. Where is she? I panicked for a moment, then ran towards the car. I suddenly saw her, in the back. My heart started beating again. We all ran into the church whilst Louis was getting Maddie out of the car. We heard the doors open, then Louis' breathing. Everything was dark. Maddie walked in and gasped, before the lights turned on and the music blasted. She was shocked to see this. She was stood there in her white flowing dress, her blazer with a big white flower on the shoulder, and her silver wedges. Shocked. I walked up to her giving my huge cheeky smile. I reached her, hugging her and pulling her to the dance floor. 

The night went on, then Niall came onto the stage. "1..2...1..2..! OK the mic is working! Ok, Harry. Maddie. This is for you! Harry went in so much trouble. Guys. Get on stage!" He said to me, Louis, Liam and Zayn. "We're going to sing a little song for you five beauty's! We all took a microphone and started singing. It was 'They don't know about us'. 

When the song finished, as Niall's dad our DJ, he played lots of love songs, and we all danced the night away. 

This was definitely the best Valentines by far.  

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