"OMG! You're Harry Styles!"

written to enter into a competition to meet my favourite band!;)<3


1. oooh its valentines day ....*yipee* -_-


  My name is Jenna-Louise i am 17 years old and still SINGLE! Its as if im invisible to boys?but a well the only boys i need in my life are ONE DIRECTION:D me and my friends are super fans! But my lucky friends managed to get tickets to see them... i didn't:'(. Tomorrow is valentines day my least favourite day of the year because i have no one to spend it with:( so ive decided to go see my aunt in London:)


  It's 5am and time to get up *sigh* my train leaves at 6am so i better get ready. *arrives in London* I love going to my aunts its so fun we go on big shopping sprees! I'm walking along listening to 1D's album 'Take Me Home' on my ipod when im suddenly bumped into. I wake up to the worried face of a boy then i suddenly shout "OMG! You're Harry Styles!". "She's awake boys,". I am suddenly met by the five faces of Harry,Niall,Louis,Zayne and Liam. I am lying with ONE DIRECTION on valentines day! I might be the only person that thinks this but boy i am the luckiest girl in the world!


  The boys make me a cup of hot chocolate then we sit and talk ,they ask me what my hobbies are i say, "Singing,Dancing,Football and Cheerleaing." Then Louis excitedly says "go on sing us something." So i sing them Rihanna 'Stay' when i finish the song i am shaking like a leaf! then guess what... THEY INVITE ME TO WATCH THEIR CONCERT FROM BACKSTAGE!!!


  It's the night of the concert and i am excited! I wear my hair down and wavey and i wear highwasted red shorts black tights red converse and a white hollister t shirt and red hoillister hoodie. The boys are amazing on stage ,they have just finished singing 'Little Things' Then Niall says "And to close the show tonight we have Jenna-Louise singing 'Stay' by Rhianna , lets hear it for Jenna!!!" The Boys run off stage grab me and lift me on stage i am shouting at them "OMG! I can't believe you would do this for me!" Those 5 minutes on stage and all the time i have had with the boys has been the best time of my life!


  It's now Febuary 16th and time for a tearful goodbye:( I have 5 new amazing friends who i have loved since they first appeared on x factor what more could i want. i have the boys' numbers and will definately keep in touch. I have had the most amazing experience and its all thanks to one direction......:D<3




Hope you enjoyed:)<3











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