(My Real Life Story) What Really Happened.

Hi, I'm TazmaniaGirl!
I've decided to write this story because I feel rather upset with my life at the moment. Things have been stressy and I've been crying so much I'm worried I've run out of tears, but I just want people to hear the truth.
I'm going to write it.
Feelings and strong words encluded...
What Really Happened.


2. The Happenings.

It happened a couple days ago.

Were in Secondary school now.

We usualy walk to school together, Sam and I. I have other friends to walk with too. Usualy, she'll come to my house and we'll wait round the corner for my other mate (made-up name) Lisa to arrive in the car. Lisa's mum drops her off because she has to get to work.

This time, me and one of my other mates walked on because of the rain. I didn't have a hood and I didn't fancy waiting, so (made-up name) Carrie and I made our way to school. A few minutes away from where we were supposed to meet, Lisa and Sam turned up in Lisa's mum's car, and when they saw us walking on, they were angry.

"Don't say your excuse is because it's raining" Sam told me in a mocking voice.

"I don't have a hood" I replied.

"Well buy one"

I was really hurt by this because I'm not as rich as them, so sometimes we have to make do before my parents can go out and buy stuff. But this coat was nice because even though it didn't have a hood, it kept me warm, and I had short hair anyway. But the fact that she'd said it in a bitter way made me want to cry.

In Science later that day, Sam began an argument, saying nasty things. Then she did something VERY nasty. She began to cry and say things like 'I wanna move school' to make it look like I'd said something mean. Miss sent us both out the classroom and spoke to me rather rudely and told me to appoligise.

I did, and then she had another go at me because I hadn't said it in a very meaningful way. She wanted to speak to us both at the end of the lesson.

During the lesson (it was a double) groups of classmates came up to me asking why I'd been so mean to Sam, and what had she ever done to me.

I was really upset, I spent most of the lesson crying to myself.

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