(My Real Life Story) What Really Happened.

Hi, I'm TazmaniaGirl!
I've decided to write this story because I feel rather upset with my life at the moment. Things have been stressy and I've been crying so much I'm worried I've run out of tears, but I just want people to hear the truth.
I'm going to write it.
Feelings and strong words encluded...
What Really Happened.


3. Second and THE MAIN PART.

At lunch, I spent more time crying. My friends were angry as hell, and Sam and her mates were standing near us so they could see me. One of my best mates (Made-up name) Georgia helped comfort me by saying nasty stuff about them in my ear so that it made me laugh and they'd all stalk off.


Later, in form, my form tutor gave me a note on a sheet of squared paper. It was from Maths. And Sam's form was in Maths. I wasn't surprised to find it was from her form tutor telling me to join them in Sam's form after school. I told my form tutor I didn't want to go, and I was so furious I remember slamming my locker continuasly after form. I left without another word that day, only speaking to my mum and close friends.


The next day I was feeling sick. I didn't want to go to school, because I knew Sam would start this up again. I remember walking into form and my form tutor told me that if I didn't see Sam's form tutor I would get a detention. All that day I felt sick. Especially before lunch.

It was as we were lining up outside Geography that Sam arrived with her older cousin (NAME AND SHAME) Chloe, who told Sam :

"If anyone is bitchy to you, just tell me and I'll sort them out".

I felt even more sick and I was about to throw up when some of my other mates hugged me and patted me on the back, saying they'd stick up for me.


Lunch was something I didn't like. It makes me cry now when I remember what happened.

I was sat at the table with tons of my mates. That's when Sam brought over her cousin.

Chloe said "Is that her?" pointing to me.

My heart was pounding.

Chloe was in year 11.

"Don't lie about my cousin, bringing up what happened in Primary. Your a cow, not her. She hasn't done anything". She said more stuff that I don't want to get in to, and finally, I couldn't help it. Sam was LAUGHING. I broke down in tears because the whole cafe was watching me getting yelled at by a Year 11. I couldn't help it. My friends ran off to get my form teacher who yelled at Chloe.

It may not sound that bad written down. It may not sound bad at all. But if you were there, you'd know how I felt. I hadn't eaten for about two days, and I was constantly about to throw up. I was crying so much, it hurt my eyes. My form teacher had a go at me after, telling me not to bring stuff up, saying he's got proof and all that.

Everybody, even my friends turned on me.

Just a few friends didn't.

It's still like that now.

I got texts and got yelled at because of Sam.

She ruined my life. I lost friends.

Carrie doesn't speak to me anymore, and walks on the oppisite side of the road when walking home. Lisa is still my friend, but doesn't want us to hang out because she's best mates with Sam. People say that I'm their friends, yet they stood and watched when Chloe had a go at me, laughing and smiling with Abbie.

Maybe Chloe was right to say all that stuff.

Maybe I am a cow.


A True Story - TazmaniaGirl.

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