(My Real Life Story) What Really Happened.

Hi, I'm TazmaniaGirl!
I've decided to write this story because I feel rather upset with my life at the moment. Things have been stressy and I've been crying so much I'm worried I've run out of tears, but I just want people to hear the truth.
I'm going to write it.
Feelings and strong words encluded...
What Really Happened.


1. Friends.

I am considered nerdy at my school. I have quite alot of friends, but were all quiet and secretive, but we do have a laugh and get on.

Friendships don't usualy last long with me.

I don't know whether it's me that does it, or whether it's made out to look like I did it, but it happens. One moment were best mates, then suddenly, everybody turns on me like I've done everything wrong.

It makes me so upset sometimes that I don't want to live.

I guess you could say I'm pretty sucidal. I don't try to commit suicide, but I hurt myself, and blame it on things like a table or chair.


The girl that ruined everything came along when we were in Primary.

I won't say her name because that wouldn't be very nice, so I'll make one up.

I'll call her Sam.


In Primary, we used to be best mates. We did everything together, playing, drawing, working.

In Year 2, everything changed. I became friends with somebody else as well, and she was the most popular person in our class. I won't say her same either, so I'll call her Amelia.

Amelia and I hung out alot, and that's when everything started.

Sam didn't like me being matesy with Amelia. She didn't like it at all.

She began to do things slowly.

She stopped coming round my house when her mum was at work after school.

She stopped talking to me.

Then she started to do things that I didn't understand.

She used to pull me chair back when I went to sit down. She'd push me out of the way so she could watch me hurt myself. She'd trip me up. She'd pull my friends away from me. She'd start being matey, then get me in trouble and say she didn't mean too. And guess what. I'd believe her, and be friends with her again.


Our friendship was on, off, on, off. I guess I didn't mind because I liked to hang out with everybody, and be everybody's friend. I guess I enjoyed friendships because they were fun.

But when she began to tell people my private stuff and secrets, I guess I got angry. I used to punch walls or take it out on my parents.

She ruined my life.

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