When Saff accidentally dyes her hair blue, she is sure her social life is completely and totally over. However when she meets some mysterious new friends, she begins to question the people she's been calling her 'mates' for so long, and a chance encounter could spell the end of her long-term relationship with the v. hot Jake Grayson...


3. Two

I pull my hood up as we prepare to get of the bus. I at least want to be able to introduce Jake to my new hairstyle gently. My phone bleeps and I take it out my pocket. A notification has appeared on the screen – I’ve been tagged in a Facebook photo. I open it up and a picture of me with my head slightly tilted down and my hair in full view appears. I check to see who posted it. It’s London, my so called ‘best friend’. There’s a ton of comments and likes already, apparently half the school is fascinated by that vaguely familiar third year’s hair.

I scroll down and find one comment I really wish wasn’t there – it’s Jake.

I spy him across the yard and shout on him. He turns his head and I take a deep breath and pull down my hood.

“I’m sorry Jake, I didn’t mean to. The idiots

“What are you apologising for?” he says, “It’s not my head, is it?”

I grin and relax. I don’t know what I was so worried about, he’s my boyfriend. Of course he’ll stick by me. A boy walking past suddenly stops and stares. He’s looking straight at me, or straight at my hair. I recognise him from somewhere, I’m sure of it.

Wait a minute. He sold me that dye. No doubt he mixed the packs too.

“Bastard,” I say, but I smile too, just so he knows I’m not being too serious.

He laughs and walks on. I’ve never really noticed him before now. He must be one of those invisible types who walk around the school all day un-noticed. This one’s so invisible I barely even noticed him when he sold me something.

Jake asks me who it was, but I just shake my head and say I don’t know him. Weirdly, Jake doesn’t ask any further questions. He’s usually much more thorough than that.

The bell rings and it’s time for class. I’m embarrassed by my hair for registration and the first few periods, but by lunch everyone around me has stopped caring and so have I. I think it’s all going to be okay, until right at the end of the day when Jake blocks my way to get on the bus.

“Look, you’d better get that hair sorted out, by the way. I can’t be going around with you looking like some sort of emo. You’re my girlfriend, so don’t embarrass me. Right?”

My mouth forms into a small ‘o’ and I nod quickly before jumping up the steps. He’d really break up with me for this. He really would. I just know it. I swear, if he wasn’t so damn hot I’d have broken up with him a million times over by now. It’s not like it’s the first time he’s been so unfair in this relationship.

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