When Saff accidentally dyes her hair blue, she is sure her social life is completely and totally over. However when she meets some mysterious new friends, she begins to question the people she's been calling her 'mates' for so long, and a chance encounter could spell the end of her long-term relationship with the v. hot Jake Grayson...


1. Prologue

“Saff, c’mon, everyone knows you don’t buy hair dye from the corner shop!”

“Yeah, well I didn’t,” I say, glancing back at the mirror once more.

“They always switch them around. Could you not tell the box wasn’t properly sealed up?” says Lara, my sister.

To be honest, that explains quite a lot. The sniggering at the tills when I bought the dye. The looks everyone gave me when I walked out the shop holding it. How could I not know when everyone else in the whole world practically did?

I only meant to top up my ‘smooth chocolate brown’. Instead, I’ve been turned into some sort of alien.

A full head of electric blue hair. What in the name of the Lord am I going to do?

Lara is trying to be serious, but I know she’ll only last so long. I look ridiculous, but there isn’t much I can do. Apparently it’s dangerous to dye your hair more than once every 20 days. Plus, even if I was going to do it again, it’s Monday tomorrow. The time’s already half 10 so I should be in bed and sleeping. Mum and Dad are, they decided they needed an early night.

Yeah, you got it. They have no idea the kind of disaster happening in their kitchen.

“Just see how you go,” says Lara, “I’m sure no-one really even gives a crap.”

I look straight at her, with one eyebrow raised. Well, not really, I can’t just do one at a time so I’m probably making a face closer to that of a constipated fish.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do. At school I’m one of those kids. The ones that are just about popular but not quite. Just above average boringness, know what I mean? We do NOT do weird things like dye our hair blue. That’s for the emo kids, or the nerds. Nerds do seem to be awful adventurous these days. What is Jake going to think? He can’t go around with a girlfriend that looks like she has a pair of bright jeans on her head.

“I’ll just get some sleep, I think,” I say, trying to regain my composure, “It might have faded a bit by morning.”

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