When Saff accidentally dyes her hair blue, she is sure her social life is completely and totally over. However when she meets some mysterious new friends, she begins to question the people she's been calling her 'mates' for so long, and a chance encounter could spell the end of her long-term relationship with the v. hot Jake Grayson...


2. One



Bee-bee-bee-beep bee-bee-bee-beep.

Aaah. The beloved early morning trill of an alarm clock. Time to roll out of bed and get ready for the day ahead.

Oh shit. My hair’s blue isn’t it? I forgot about that.

“Faded my ass,” says Lara as I join her at the breakfast table. She’s in her One Direction pyjamas with her bunny slippers dangling of her toes. For some reason those things never stay on when you sit down anywhere. Gravity must have a rabbit problem or something.

“If I just put it up, it shouldn’t be too bad, should it?” I say.

Lara just laughs and gets up from the table.

“Now,” she says, “If you’ll excuse me I need to go rub my face on a carpet.”

Of course. She has double maths today. No wonder she’s going for the old carpet burn on the face trick. It really does make you look pretty ill and it even raises your temperature as a bonus. Mum falls for it every time.

Oh yeah. Mum. She doesn’t know about my hair yet. I feel like she could be pretty angry, after all it took a lot to persuade her to even let me dye my hair brown.

“Morning swee – oh my God, Saff!”

Well, well, well. Speak of the devil.

Lara comes rushing through to my rescue and explains the whole thing. This doesn’t exactly calm Mum down, though. It just, sort of, intensifies the situation. Clearly, she decides, I have become more stupid due too much time spent playing Angry Birds and not enough time reading Dickens. That could well be true, but I fail to see what it has to do with the state of my hair.

Once she has finished ranting and moved on to wondering how Lara can be ill every Monday, only on Mondays (to which Lara replies “I must be allergic to them”), I retreat to my room to see what can be done about my VERY SERIOUS problem.

After much deliberation, I settle on the very ‘in’ messy bun. Given the current normality of the particular hairstyle, it could possibly distract from the abnormality of the hair’s colour. Or maybe not. Maybe it’ll just make it more obvious.

* * *

My next main obstacle is getting on the school bus without dying of embarrassment. An awful lot of kids from my year get on the same bus as me, so I’m pretty sure there will be sneaky photos of my new ’do on Instagram already by the time I get to school.

I walk down the road very slowly. I should probably stop fantasizing about what’s going to happen and just make sure I catch the bus, but I can’t help it. My tummy is starting to get that funny feeling it does when I’m really anxious. It’s not butterflies and it’s not a normal stomach ache, it’s something much deeper. Sometimes I get it before I’m even worried in my head, which is twice as frightening. It makes me think ‘oh, what’s my tummy instinct trying to tell me today’. Believe me, it’s never anything good. At all. Ever. Not even a bit. Well, you get the jist.

I climb onto the bus and flash my pass to the driver. He gives me the nod. He doesn’t care a jot about how I look, so long as he can have a peer up my skirt. We really should get a new bus driver. I don’t think it’s particularly appropriate.

Next I have to walk down the aisle. At the front are all the loners, freaks and first years. Further back, middling people, second years and freaks who think they’re cooler than they actually are. Right on the very back seat are sixth years. The ones on the back row can see me already and they’re grinning and snickering. Not too far in front of them are my people. We’re the ‘coolest’ third years who get on our bus, but compared to the whole of our year we’re only just classified as ‘cool’. Well, a few of the kids I sit with on the bus are proper ‘cool’ and only talk to us on the bus coz there’s no-one else. In primary school, things were a little different but I won’t go into that just now. There are more pressing matters to be discussed.

Like how I need to explain exactly why I have bright blue hair to all my friends staring at me (and a few others who I don’t even know) and how I need to be thinking very hard about how to make sure Jake doesn’t completely flip when he sees me at school.

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