In a world without love, and with rules can this teenagers stay together? Different familyes, mortal enemies, but a true love to join them. The creation of a new Bloodline


4. valentina's diary

13 march 1896


  Dear diary,


  Today dady say that i will marige with a guy from the famile Startos, i don't now him, and i don't love him. ´

   Dady also says that the wedding will e when i made 20 years old that's in tow years... I spend all the day crying, i cant marige with i guy i doesn't know, i really wish marige with james, but my family never acept that, and how i gonna tell james that i will marige, i can´t lose him, but he desn´t know that i exist, i'm just a friend to him. I imagine every day, how would it be if i told him, that i'm in love with him, i would it be if he fells the same or if he doesn't. My heart is broken and he just belongs to james.

   My mum say that she will make a dinner tomorow, for i to meet the guy fom the Starts family, his name is Georgio. i can't suport this, i'm dieing inside, please god help me.


           Kisses Valentina

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