Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


10. Skyler's P.O.V

-Okay, umm ill tell my mom and dad that your coming okay?

-Yea sure but what if they get mad or something?

-Why would they ? I said

-I don't know.

-Okay then, when your done come to my house and will take it from there!! I said

-okay bye. he said

-Hey mum Hey dad. I said

-Your late, Skyler!! my mum said

-I know and Iam sorry I really iam. I said

-Its okay, now go take a bath!! my da said

-Okay but one my of my...well my boyfriend is coming with us okay? I said

-A boyfriend uhhh? my mum said

-Yea, so can he come? I asked

-Yes Skyler now go take a bath!!! my mum said

So I was done taking a shower when I heard my phone ring. It was Harry. When I answered the phone Harry told me he was down stairs already. And I told him ill be down stairs in 3minuts.

-Ummm mum iam done. I said

-Okay. she said

When I opened the door, Harry was there.

-Mum, dad this is Harry, Harry this my mum Ana and my dad Jack.

-Hi very nice to meet you. Harry said

-Same as well. my dad said

So we went to the car and we left. My mum and dad were quiet, it was weird but it was better that way. So we got to restaurant, sat down, and started to eat. My mum and dad were asking so many questions while we were eating like:

Where are you from or like What kind of relationship you want with my daughter? Oh my god when my mum said that I had to stop her there.

-MOM! I said, and Harry laugh softly. I don't think-

-No its okay, umm am from U.K London. And with your honor id love to date your daughter.

-So that's what you want with her, to be a couple? My dad asked

-Dad, I mean id love to date him to! I said without being stop

-Skyler not now. my mum said

-Ummm yea id love to date her, give her everything she want and needs, and treat the way she deserves your daughter is very important to me and your honor is important to me to. Harry said really confidents

I looked at him and smiled.

-Well, ill see. my dad said

-WHAT??? No dad iam sorry but iam going to date him

-Skyler that enough he said he'll see now lets go!!  my mum said

-Fine! I said with attitude

- Iam sorry I put you through this. Harry said

-WHAT?NOO. Why would you be sorry, I mean ill talk to them in the house so don't worry about it, trust me! I said with  a smile

-Okay. Harry said while getting in the car.

So we got in the car and dad left Harry at his place and he drove us home.

-Skyler come here a minute. My mum said

-Yea? I asked

-What do you see in that boy? she asked

-Frist of all its not that boy, his name is Harry and ill like it if you'll use it. I said getting a little mad

-What do you see in Harry? my mum said

-What do you mean what do I see in him? Iam in love with him. I want to be with him what don't you get?

-Well your not allowed to see him again !! she said while walking away.


-WATCH ME! my mum said getting mad

-NO, dad, dad you not gonna let her do this are you? What don't you like about him?

-Skyler honey...

-Don't call me honey!!! I said really mad

-Listen his not our kind!

What do you mean by not our kind, do we even have a kind?

-Iam sorry Skyler  but tomorrow would be the last day you'll see him!

-No mum iam not gonna let you do this, he tried to impress you..

-But he didn't. he said cutting me off

-Mum c'mon

-Skyler enough.


-That's enough  Skyler, now go to your room.


I went up to my room and I got some money, and then went back down without my parents knowing and I got out threw the back door an left. I was think about going to Keysha's house but instead I went to Harry's. When I got to his house I was knocking on the door really fast and hard. Harry's mum got  the door

-Oh my god, what happened? she asked

-Is Harry here? I asked

-Yes, yes his in his room left door up stairs

-Thank you. I said while running to his room

-HARRY ITS ME,OPEN THE DOOR!!!! I said loudly

He opened the door scared.

-What happen?? he asked

-HARRY WE HAVE TO GO!!!! I said In a hurry

-Skyler, Skyler calm down!!!he said putting his hands in my face

-Okay, okay

-You okay?

-Yes, its just my parent there gonna be looking for me any minute now!!

-Why, what happened? he asked again

-Me and my mum were fighting and she told me you weren't my kind!!

-What dose she mean by kind? he asked

-Exactly, thank you. Anyways she old me to go to my room and instead I left throw the back door. And in any minute now she could be here looking for me, that's why e have to go!!!

-Okay, okay

Then we went to his mum and he told her everything and told her that we have to go. She was so worried I felt so bad for her, but  I really had to go.

-Okay but you have to call me every day you hear me? she said

-Yes mum I will. Harry said

-Okay be safe I love you! she said

-I love you to mum. Harry said giving her a kiss in her forehead.

S o me and Harry left.

-Where are we going?

-Umm, I don't know. I said

-Okay where do you want to go?

-Umm. How about Denver Colorado?

-Yea we could go there cause my dad lives over there, but that's pretty far from California! Harry said

-So where do you want to go? I asked

-We could go there, did you bring any money ?

-Yea 300 and you?


-5 Dolores? I asked him

-No 500

-Oh okay, hey could we stop at the gas station so I can get stop to eat? I asked

-Yea babe

So we got to the gas station and I went to the store and I bout chips and stuff to drink and some slim jim. I went out and put all the stuff in the car.

-I called Keysha. I told Harry

-Oh yea, what she said? he asked

-She said that my parent already went to her house looking for me!

-So quick?

-Yea I know but whatever. I said

-Hey Sky why didn't your mum  like me?

-I really don't know babe, I try to tell her that I really wanted to be with you but she wouldn't listen.

-But why did you leave your house and came to me? he asked

-Because my mum said that tomorrow was going to be the last day I could see you! That's why

-Oh, then you made a good choice coming to me! he said

-Of course I did! I said laughing. I don't know how would I be able  to be without you, it was in the  band when I saw you I wanted to die, imagine not being able to see you!

Harry just looked at me and gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear:

- I Love You, I cant imagine my lie with out you, you know I thought you never like me because you are popular In our school so..

-So what it don't  matter. So that's why you never talk to me?

-Yup that's pretty much the reason why!

-Your such a loser.!

-Haha, that one of the thing I like about you!


-That your not afraid to tell people the truth and  you don't care what others say or think about you!

-Well that's just the way iam! I said with  smile

- I love you

-Oh yea prove it! I said


-I said prove it, if you really love me prove it!


-Harry I was just kidding. I said laughing

-No ,no Iam gonna do it.

He get out of the car in the middle of the street and started to yell :


-I LOVE YOU TO HARRY STYLES. I said getting out of the car


-Make us!! I said with attitude


-Oh get in, get in, get in. Drive, drive. I said laughing

-There I proved it and almost got arrested happy? Harry said laughing

-Yes very!!

-I love you babe! he said

-I love you more !

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