Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


8. Paige's P.O.V


They woke up really fast specialy Harry. He started to yell at me,asking me why i didnt wake him up earlier.I tould him he looked like he needed some sleep

-So what?!!he said

-Why such in a rush?

-Cuase i have a date!

-AWWWW. my baby brother has a date! Who is it? i asked


-Skyler who???

-Skyler Jones

--OH MY GOD!!!SHE'S ONE OF MY FRIENDS!!!i said yelling.

He look at me and started to laugh.

After that i was calling my friend but then Harry said he had to call Skyler so let him use the house phone,the one in his room.So when he was using the one from his room i was hearing him through the living room phone.

-Hey Skyler. he said happly

-Oh hii.she said

-So listen...

when he said that i thout he didnt want to go on the date with her

-i was thinking were to go last night i maybe you'll like to go to a picknic or the bech?

i was so happy he didnt blow her off

-Id love to go tothe beach actually!! she said

-Okay grate ill pick you up in a few.

-Okay .she said

It was so romantic, id never heard my baby brother talk like that to a girl after he broke up with Taylor.It was so cute.I went to him talling him he sounded really cute talking like that

-Paige leave me alone i have to get ready


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