Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


6. Keysha's P.O.V

-While you and Harry were out ,me and Zayn were talking,and he toldme that he like spending time with me,that he wishes we could spend more time together but he said he douts it.

-Why? Skyler asked

-He said that he has a girlfriend and that she always wants to do stof with him.And i asked him how come your not with her now?He told me he hade asked her if she wanted to go bowling with him but she didnt want to go,so he went by himself with Harry and us.


-Yep, so i asked him if he want to hang out tomorrow,and he tould me he would like to but he dosent think he could but he'll let me know and he gave me his phone number.

-Oh my god really

-Yea.i said

-And has he called you yet?Skyler asked

-Nop not yet,But i hope he dose!!

-Of coures he is! Skyler said

-But what if his girlfriend finds out his talking to me.

-So what! You are his friend and for what i know Zayn has alot of friend, and trust me not all of his friends are boy!Skyler said

-Your right i shouldnt worry!

-Of course iam right.Skyler said

So after that me and Skyler went to sleep.Then i heard my phone ring,it was a number,right away i was calling Skyler.When i picked up the phone it was Zayn .He told me that he had got to Harrys house and that he was going to stay thre until tomorrow.I told him okay and to take care and he said tha same and we hanged up.Skyler started to laugh and told me she knew he was going to call.After that we could'nt go to sleep.


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