Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


3. Keysha's P.O.V

Early saterday morning me and Skyler were going to meet up at the mall.So i told my older brother Nick  to take to mall.We were at the mall and Nick went to meet up with hes friends in the food court.In the meantime i went to a store until i heard someone calling me.It was Skyler.So me and Skyler were walking around.Then we went back to my house,when i got a call from Harry.I talk to him for like 10min.

-Who was it? Skyler asked

-It was Harry, he wanted to know if we wanted to go bowling with him and a friend of hes so i told okay. I said

-Asome we should probably star getting ready! Skyler said.

So we did,they pick us up like at 6:00pm, pretty early but its fine.Harry was with hes friend, i couldn't belive my eyes.It was him, the boy i had a crush sence i was in the 3 grade.Hes name is Zayn his 19,big brown eyes,long eye lashes,nice black hair,and has like 8 tattos,i know its alot but hes adorable.When i saw him in the car i got all  tingly.I told Skyler about my crush and she started to laugh.But she told me he had a girlfriend.But atless i could talk to him and have a good time.

So Harry get's out the car with Zayn and introduce us to him.So anyways we got in the car and i felt weird becuase i sat in the back with Zayn while Skyler sat in the front with Harry.She told me something about him a little while ago but i was to busy looking at Zayn.Anyways we got to the Bowling Alley and we all got our bowling shoes.Then Harry and Skyler went to get a pizza.I was alone with him it was weird but cool.So anyways he started to talk to me:

-Do you know how to bowl? he asked me

-Ummm not really iam pretty bad at it! I said

Harry and Skyler were taking so long that me and Zayn started to play. In the frist game i won.And the other 4 he won.When we finish the 5 game Harry and Skyler were still "getting pizza".Zayn started to laugh becuase i won only 1 game.

-You know you only won that game becuase i had let you. he said smileing

-Yea okay. i said

We both started to laugh wen all of a sudden we see Harry and Skyler laughing together.When they got closer i asked;

-Weres the pizza?

she look at me and started to laugh with Harry

-Sorry we forgot but if we go to your house i could make one! She said smileing

-Okay. i said

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