Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


11. Harry's P.O.V

Skyler was still sleeping, it was 10:30am. I feel bad for her, she's not that person where she makes her parent's mad at her, or run away from her house.But she must love me alot if she's willing to go throw all of thes trouble for us.

-Good morning!

-Good morning babe ! How did you sleep? i asked

-Fine, and you?

-Umm, okay i guess! i said looking at the road

-Why?...Did you sleep? she said looking at me

-Yea about that,.... no

-Harry i told you if you wanted to go to sleep you just needed to call me. she said

-Babe, if i didn't call you its because i wasent tired!

-Harry please youve been awake sence last night!!

-Babe its fine!

-No stop the car! she said


-Harry, stop the car! she said

So i did.She got out of the car and came to my side of the car.

-Get out!

What? i asked

-Get out of the car!! she said pointing out


She sat on the driver site, and i sate were she was sitting.

-There now you can go to sleep! she said

-Babe iam not tired! i whispered in her ear

-Harry  your eyes are red and you telling me your not tired?No go to sleep!

-Are you sure? i asked to bother her


-Okay, i love you. i said

-Whatever!!... i love you too

So i went to sleep and woke up at 2:00pm

-Good afternoon

-Hey. Where are we? i asked

-Ohh were just a couple more minutesand we'll be there in no time.

-Oh okay cool.Did you eat somthing?

-Umm yea some slim jim. she said

-Thats it?

-Umm, yea am not really hungry!

-Are you sure? Cause we could stop and eat.

-No am fine, but if you want to stop and eat? she said

-No am good. i said


-Hey have you spoken to Keysha?

-Um yea and she told me that my mum said you kidnap me!! she said kinda scread to me reaction


-I dont know but your mum said that you were with your dad so...


-yea they did. she said softly

-Ohh okay..

-But now we have to go to your dad's house,because the police are on there way to check if its true. she said

-What?? Oh my god Skyler what iam i gonna do i mean...

-Dont worry about it Harry, while you were sleeping i went to a store and got a suit case and some clothes

-Babe am so sorry you have to go throw this !

- Hey, hey, its no problem, ill go to your dad's house leave you there and leave and when there gone you call me okay?


-Yes !

-I can't belive..

-That i would go throw all this trouble? I know and thats why you love me! she said smileing

-Yes, yes i do. And am so glad you know that!!

-Of course, now where iam i going??

-Ohh, just make a left here,and just keep on going until you get to the lats house on the street, thats my dad house.


-So, you can finally meet my dad. He'll like you his verry funny. And he'll probably show you al of my baby pictures and school pictures. That's just how he is

-Awww id love to see you baby pictures!!! she said

-Hey does my dad know were going to his house?

-Yea, your mum called im.

So anyways we got to the house and Skyler left far away from my dad's house and like 20min. later the police came.They were knocking on the door, and my dad picked it up

-Hi officer how can i help you? my dad asked

But they didn't answer, they just went insinde my dad's house. I stood out with an other police:

-Hi, son can you tell me if you know who this girl is? (Police1) said

-Yea i know her. Why what happend?

-Have you seen her?

-Yea i just saw yesterday and that was it.

And then the other police that was inside my house came out saying she's not here!

-Thak you son, what ever happends i'll call you right away.

-Yea sure anytime officer and thank you.

So they left and i went inside to call Skyler right away.

-Hey babe you can come now! i said

-Okay, iam on my way. she said

Few minutes past, and then i heard a knocking on the door.

-Hey everything alright? she asked

-Yea everything is alright.

-Great!!! So weres your dad?

-HERE IAM!!!! he said jumping out of now where

-Oh, hii. How are you?

-Iam perfectly fine. he said happly

-Dad this is Skyler my girlfriend!

-OH  you the gril that's been making my son go bananas? he said laughing

-Why yes, yes i am. she said laughing as well

-Later iam going to show you some pictures of my little man !! he said

- I'd love to see them Mr.Styles

-Great, while i make dinner you guys wash up.

-Okay. we both said


-Sorry about my dad. i said to Skyler

-No, your right he really is funny.! she said

-Yea he is. Hey listen my dad said if we wanted we could stay here for the night, so both of us can get some sleep.

-Sure, okay. As long as iam with you, everything if fine. she said smileing

After that we went to my room and she layed down in the bed, and i layed next to her. She put her head on my chest and we stood there

-Skyler do you want to sleep with me?
- Of cours. she said

-Okay so how you feel?

-What do you mean?

-You know about everything that's happend. How do you feel about it/

-99% of the time iam feeling like iam doing the wrong thing but its that 1% that keeps me going. My mum never new what was it to fall in love at my age. Cause her parents made her marry my dad at my age. She wasent never in love with him, she didn't even know him.But the time past and they got to know each other and they fell in love when they were 19. And day's before i was talking to her and i asked her if she remember what i tould her when i was 13.She said yes, and i asked her what, she said

The day that i find my true love ill do anything for us to stay together.

And she told me';

As long as that true love of yours does the same for me , then its worth it


-Yup, they had introduce me to this boy and...

-Wait, they introduce you to a boy? I asked her

-Yea just the way they did with my mum,anyways nothing actually happend because the boy told me he was really in love with a girl,and that his parents...

-Where doing the same as your. i said cutting her off

-Yup but you know whatever. Now one of us has to go and take a shower

-Ohh yea you go frist.

-Babe i have no clothes. she said getting up

-Go take a long shower and when your done theres going to be clothes for you okay?

-Fine! she said going to the bath room

I asked my dad if he could by some clothes for Skyler , but he said theres still clothes from my sister, that she could use that. When i went to my room Skyler was getting out of the shower.

-Oh my god Harry why would you scare me?

- Iam sorry i didnt mean to i was just bringing you clothes!!! i said laughing... Do you not want me to look?

-Why? she asked

-Your almost naked

-But iam not! she sad

-okay. Oh heres you clothes.

-Okay thanks ill be right back. she said going to the bath room again

She came out of the bathroom

-Oh my god what a day!! she said coming out

-I know

-I can't belive i actually left my house.

-But you did.

-Now that i come and think about it , my mum is so gonna kill me! she said stting down next to me. But i don't care if she trys to separate us again...

-What are you gonna do?

-I can't do something crazy, cause i already did that

-Than probably something stupid. i said

-Exactly. she said smileing

When i looked at her, she look at me back and i put my hands on her face and we started to have a strong kiss. But then we haerd the main door close, it was my dad coming in, i guess he went out for somthing.

So we went down stairs and Sky started to talk to my dad while i was taking a shower. When i came out my dad had shown all my pictures to Skyler.It was imbarasing but i really did't care , cause she look like she was haveing a good time.

-Iam in love with this picture!! she said

-Hahah, well love it less because iam naked there!!

-I know, ohh and by the way Mr. Styles the food was great thank you so much! she said looking at him

-Oh you very welcome.

She went a and gave my dad a kiss on the cheek and told me she'll see me in bed.

-She's very special. my dad said


-I said that she very special, dont ever let her go. he said

-Trust me that is never going to happend

-I used to look at your mother that way

-What way? i asked him

-The way you look at Skyler, she's very important to you i could tell. Me and you mum used to be like that, we were so in love we could never be apart.

-What happend?

-Well we got to collage and well i told her i wanted to meet new people, but that was stupid thing i did.

-But didn't you guys get back together?

-Yea we did after we had your sister but it wasent the same.

-Are you still in love with mum?

-Yes very,but you know how she is with this kind of stof. 

-Yea i know. i said

-Well go to bed i know your tired.

-Okay dad.

-Good night son

-Goodnight dad.

So i went up stairs  and Skyler was laying down, but wasent asleep.

-You okay love?

-I am, i guess. she said


- What if my mom still  dosent want me with you?

-No don't say that you'll just talk to her, i promis she's going to let you be with me! i said

-How do you know?

-Because, its never going to happen again, i promis.i love you mora than anything in the world. i said putting my hands on her cheeks and gently giving her a kiss

And then we went to sleep.




































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