Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


9. Harry's P.O.V

 UGHH i cant belive i woke up late.I thought she was going to be mad at me ,but she wasent.She told me she just woke up to.So after i was done talking to her, i went and took a shower.When I was done taking a shower  i went to her house.i got there and i started to call her and she came down,she got in the car and gave me a kiss and then we left. We got to the beach and got a place to sit .We sat down and she just looked at me.

-What? i asked sweetly

-Ohh nothing just thinking! she said

-You minde if i ask  about what?

-Just the way you are with me.

-The way iam with you?

-Since yesterday youve been looking at me like if no one else is important  than me.

-Cuse no one is.Since we meet i wanted to be yours,and be able to give you everythig you want.You were important to me and still are. i said

She looked at me  and pull me towards her and we started to kiss,and then my phone started to ring.It was my mum.


-Yes mum?

-Where are you?? she asked

-Calm down mum am at the beach!!

-Harry you couldve told me you were going to the beach!!

-Iam sorry mum.

-Its okay but when your on your way home call me. she said


-Bye.she said

-Sorry about that,it was my mum!i said to Skyler

-No, its okay she said

-Hey you wanna go to the water.i asked Skyler

-Sure! she said

So we took of our shrits and walked towards the water.I was the frist one to get in.

-Is it could? Skyler asked

-Yea very.Why?

-Ohh nothing i think ill go in later!! she said walking backwards.

-OOOONOO, YOUR COMING IN NOW!! i said runing towards her

She started to scream and i got her and carryed her to the water like a baby .I felt her fingers grabing me really tight wen she felt the could water.She looked at me and i looked back and we started to kiss.But all of a sudden i hear someone calling me and saying you go dude.When i looked it was Louis,one of my old good friends,and Skyler new him to.So i let Skyler go and got out of the water with Skyler and we walked towards Louis.

-Hey guys, what are you guys doing...here...together...all alone???he asked

-Hahaha,ummm nothing were just having fun here!! i said looking at Skyler

-Noo i think your having to much fun!! he said laughing

-Anyways what about you?? Skyler said trying to change the subget

-Ohh nothing just here with Eleanor.

-Oh you guys still together? i asked

-Yea we are.

-Cool! Skyler said

-Well iam gonna go so you guys could have some more fun. He said laughing

-Okay thanks! Skyler said. And Louis looked at her suspishes and left.

So we got to where we were sitting and i just looked at her


-Nothing. i said

It was already 6:30pm, were does the time go when iam with her?So as we sat down to watch the sunset, it was getting pretty could,and Skyler did'nt bring extra clothes so i gave her my shrit.The sunset was beautiful but even more beautiful becuase Skyler was here with me.

-Hey Skyler!


-Close your eyes for me! i said

-What? she asked

-Just close them! i sid


i got up and i wrote on the sand:

I Know We Only Me Yesterday But Iam Deeply In LOVE With You

And I Just Wanted To Ask You...

Would You Be My Girlfriend???

YES_   or  NO_

-okay keep your eyes close and get up! i said helping her get up


So put her in front of the question and tould her to open her eyes.She opend her eyes and started to read what i had writen.Then she looks at me with her eyes really big and looks at the question again and answerd YES!! At that moment i was so happy i could tell she was to, she gave me a hug and a kiss.We sat back down and i told Skyler that her name was to long to say and that i was gonna call her Sky

-I love it!! she said with smile.

And then we started to kiss and i got on top of her but nothing went wrong we were just kissing! But then here phone starts to ring, alweys, someting goes wrong when everything is going right.Anyways it was here mum.

-What happend? i asked

-Umm nothing i just totally forgot that i had dinner planes with my parents. she said picking everything up

-Ohh well,umm ill try to bring you there fast!! i said

-You know what? You should come with us!!! she said

-What? no i dont think your parents would want me to....

-Harry plaese my parent arent like that, of course there gonna let you come. she said cutting me off

-Are you sure?

-Yes Harry, youll take me to my house then you go to yours and take a bath and when your done you come to my house and we'll leave from there!! she said

-Are you sure Skyler?

-Yes now lets go!! she said






































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