Why Us?

It was way before the boys audition in the XFactor,and school was almost done.
So the boys and two friends(Keysha and Skyler )decided to go back the boys home town London for the summer.Everything was going greate until Harry's ex apeard.


7. Harry's P.O.V

-So what you guys did while me and Skyer were out for icecream?i aksed Zayn

-Ummmm, nothing we started to play...

-How many games did you play?

-5,. i won 4 and she won well 1.

-Hahahah. are you kiding me?


- You shoudve let her win!!i said

-All of them?

-All of them, what kind of boy are you?i said

-Hahahah whatever! What about you guys, why you guys took so long?

-Well we were going to get pizza but we dicided to go and get you guys to see if you guys wanted icecream,but then i said to go to you guys, then to come back,then to go to you guys again!It was alot

-Your so lazy!Zayn said

-Its not that...well it was.But anyways we got icecream and when Skyler went to lick her's it fell.Its was funny because you could tell she really wanted it.So then i got her a new one and we sat down and i asked her if she wanted some of mines and she okay,so when i went to give her some i guess i put it to close to her face and i got it all over her nose.So that was another thing why we were laghing.So in the store we were laghingso loud thay kicked us out.And right there went we got out it started to rain so we trough away our icecream and started to run.We got to the front of the BowlingAlley and got a little dry there and then thats when we came in.


-I know but it was really cool.I really like her but you know Keysha and her verry populer and you know it not that bad popular it a good popular

-I know Harry am in the same school as you.

-Well yea, i dout she's going to like me back

-But you  said you guys were in the same band toether right? Zayn asked

-Yea we are but id never really talk to her until yesterday,she forgot her purse and well i brong it to her house and thats when we started to talk but thats it.Now tomorrow i asked her if she wanted to go out ad she said yea.

-Where your gonna go?Zayn asked

-i was thinking to go to a picknic or the beach were ever she want to go.i said happly

-Cool.Zayn said


-You should call her.

-For what?

-I dont know just to talk to her.

-Probably not maybe she's sleping its 1:30am

-Your right we should go to sleep to iam kinda tired.Zayn said

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