Am I Alone Now?

When a girl named joey is alone at school a girl comes to her. Shes shiny and pretty. She sat next to her not knowing whats happening.

When the pretty girl asked her to go to a one direction concert joey accepts.

What she didn't know is shes about to have a great experience. But will right go to wrong?


3. Chapter 3

Only  some people were invited to the after party and me and Bo were one of them. We walked into the club to lights everywhere.


It was an hour later when they finally got here but me and Bo didn't know. We were to busy talking at the other end of the club, When I felt a hand go from the top my back to the end of my bottom. Bo's face dropped and I turned around. I looked up at him, it was Harry Styles. I shooed Bo off in the other direction and me and him were left in the corner of the room.

"So where are you from." he asked. I could smell the taste of beer in his mouth. I felt his hand go up my dress and wrap his finger around my underwear. Why was tonight I picked tonight to wear lace string.

I started laughing as he let go and whispered in my ear "Lets go back to my place." We left.

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