Am I Alone Now?

When a girl named joey is alone at school a girl comes to her. Shes shiny and pretty. She sat next to her not knowing whats happening.

When the pretty girl asked her to go to a one direction concert joey accepts.

What she didn't know is shes about to have a great experience. But will right go to wrong?


2. Chapter 2

I was getting my black short dress on, my converse and putting on my makeup. My black eyeliner first then concealer. I straightened my light brown hair. I couldn't help but smile. It was still awkward between me and Bo for a little while but  I feel like its gotten better.


I heard a knock at my door. I know no one in my house was going to answer it. My brothers were sleeping and my mom was in her room. The stairs creaked as I ran down. I swung the door open and saw a huge smile across Bo's face. Her bright blond hair shiny and curled. Her makeup perfectly done, In a pair of skinny jeans and cross sweater.


We hoped in her car, she started with a question.

"How old are you?" I looked in the mirror I looked good, From my eyes.

"15, And you?" She looked depressed.

"I'm 17, I failed 7th grade twice." I looked at her.

We ran to our seats right when we got there.


Don't get me wrong the concert was perfect. But the ending was the best.

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