Am I Alone Now?

When a girl named joey is alone at school a girl comes to her. Shes shiny and pretty. She sat next to her not knowing whats happening.

When the pretty girl asked her to go to a one direction concert joey accepts.

What she didn't know is shes about to have a great experience. But will right go to wrong?


1. Chapter 1

I sat down at my table. Unknowingly a girl sits next to me.

"Hey your joey right?" I look around eying around the room to every head turned towards me.

I gave it a second smirked then nodded my head. She winked at me and held out her hand, "I'm Bessy, but people call me Bo." I shook her hand.

"Yeah, I'm joey." Still answering to her answer before. I started eating again, poking at my salad with my fork.

"So, what kind of listen do you listen to?" she looked at me, Her smile infected with a white glow.

I just shrugged, "Any really, More pop." She looked almost happy I responded.

"So... One Direction? Cher Lloyd? Ed Sheeran?"

I looked at her, Finally someone got me. "Uh yeah, and... Little Mix."

She looked around the lunch room. And finally stopped at her food, She started picking at it. "I never really had any friends..." She said, "Everyone thinks I'm too... perfect. People tell me that I have no flaws. But they don't even know what I've been through." I looked at her. I could feel what shes going through.

"Yeah I know. I've been through the same thing... My Dad died of a overdose last year, and my mom has fell into a deep depression now." My feeling of this has been hidden, why did I tell her.

We looked at each other, "Joey. Do you wanna go to a One Direction concert with me? I have tickets..." I wanted to scream.

"Are you serious Bo! Of course!"

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