Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


5. We've landed baby!

"This is your captain speaking we will shortly be arriving at Paris airport please prepare for landing!" I opened my eyes and saw saw Harry leaning on his side facing me. "Your awake! We've landed baby. This is going to be an amazing holiday!" Harry whispered kissing my forehead. "Did I really sleep the whole flight? This little monkey is obviously making me tired!" I replied clutching my tiny bump. I was coming up to 4 months pregnant and me and Harry had a scan booked on Harley street for Wednesday which was perfect as we were flying back on Monday! "Daisy we need to get off now, security are going to escort us to our car our bags will be in the hotel suite." Harry informed as he rose from his seat and pulled our bags down. I loved the way he looked pulling our bags down his small yet muscular arms and his perfectly defined jawline, I could see why a million little 13year old girls were in love with him. Harry slung his hand luggage bag on his back and held my bag in one hand and my hand in his other. We stepped off the plane and were immediately greeted by two black muscular men named Kieran and Ash. "Hi Kieran hi ash!" Harry said giving the security guards a fist pound and our bags. "So were are we staying? Harold? You haven't told me yet! Is it near the Eiffel Tower or is it more towards the outskirts of Paris?" I asked desperate to find out where we staying. " can't tell you baby, it's a suprise, you'll like it tho I promise." Harry awnsered. He took my hand and lead me through customs and outside the airport. There was a sleek black shinny Mercedes parked on the curb waiting for us. However the only problem was how were we supposed to make our way through the sea of fans? "Um Harry I'm worried the baby might yet hurt." I whispered clutching Harry's hand. "It's okay Daisy Kieran and Ash have got this under control." He whispered back. Kieran and Ash walked forward in front of us keeping back any over excited fans. Many screamed and shouted at Harry one or two shouted hurtful things at me. Which Harry noticed too "oi slag! Why's Harry with such a fat whore like you, you filthy sket." One girl shouted. Harry's whole jaw clenched up and he turned around to face the girl. The security men were shouting at Harry to keep moving but Harry was mad. "However sais that to Daisy should be horrified with themselves and I can tell you now you aren't a fan of me because I won't tolerate nasty behaviour towards the girl I love" Harry said I just stared at him. Why did he say that? Simon is going to kill him! Just as I was about to turn away and make my way to the car all the fans started cheering and applauding. Harry smiled "thank you! I love you guys you make me complete you have no idea how much I love my REAL fans." Harry shouted putting emphasis on real. He hugged a few fans and signed some autographs then got in the car next to me. "Harry you didn't have to do that for me!" I sighed as we drove off "no Daisy I did you are not any of those things! She's just a young girl she's only saying that because she's jealous of how bloody hot you are!" Harry replied earnastily as he looked into my eyes. Harry knew that none of what she said to me stung as much as her calling me fat, I've also had issues with weight and food. When I was 13 I was bulimic and over ate a consideral amount  for 3 years until I was 17 and Harry helped me into recovery it was a long process but I'm better now. I turned and looked out the window letting a little tear run down my face. Harry saw and pulled me into his chest kissing me hair he knew what I was thinking about. Even though he seemed calm and loving I could tell he was angry and what she'd said to me. "It's okay Daisy I'm here nothing is going to happen to you." He assured me as his long fingers stroked my mid length blonde hair. "How about when we get to the hotel we run a nice hot bath then order room service and the notebook together?" He said in a slightly more hushed voice. "Why are you such a perfect boyfriend?" I asked giggling. Me and Harry just sat there together intwined perfectly like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine for 40 minutes just mumbling "I love you" "no love you more!" To each other for the whole journey.

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