Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


9. Waking up

"Ughphnnggg." I moaned as I opened my eyes to be blinded by the early morning sun beaming of the effiel tower. "Argh shit! Make it go away!"I moaned pulling the pillow over my head. "Harry? Close the curtains." I waited to hear Harry get up and close them but he didn't move. "Harry?" I asked again removing the pillow from my face and pulling my eyemask off. Fuck where did Harry go? Okay yeah I know I get cranky in the morning I'm sorry, I sat up in bed and saw a need reading Hi, Baby if you wake up and I'm not there I'm at the gym we're getting breakfast at 10:15 so I'll be back at 9:50. I looked over at the clock it was 7:28 r"right I guess I'll go to the gym then aswell." I muttered getting out of bed. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out my sports bra, black running leggings and Gilly hicks running top. I pulled in on and rooted around for my underwear bag where I retrieved a pair of white Dior ankle socks. I walked over to my suitcase full of shoes and grabbed my new balance trainers. I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail, I grabbed my iPhone and earphones and headed down to reception to see where the gym was. I walked down past the breakfast room where they were obviously cooking bacon which I used to find repulsive however now it seemed quiet appetising. 


I walked rough the glass doors to a lobby room where a receptionist sat at a keyboard, "may I help you?" She asked obviously realising how I was. "Um yes hi um did Harry come down? He leaft a note saying he would be here?" I asked waving my arms about in unconvincing hand gestures. "Yes I do he went through to the pool, that way." The skinny brunette said gestures towards the door on the right. "Go through there and turn left go through to the women's changing rooms go straight through to the door labelled 'pool' Mr.Styles should be there, if he's not there he should be in the gym so go through the door labelled 'gym'   Here's your gym and pool pass card , could you just sign here." The woman explained pointing here finger on the card. I signed the card and walked through the way I was directed I walked in the gym and sat my Jack Wills Gym bag on the oak bench I pulled my Victoria's Secret bikini out and removed my gym clothes placing them back in the bag. I walked through to pool and tiptoed into pool I looked across to see and beautiful shaped creature emerging from the water. It was Harry he looked like a god who'd fallen out of heaven and landed in the pool. I swam up to him and grabbed his waist we were the only ones in pool. "Hmm hello Baby." Harry whispered leaning down to kiss me. "Mmh, I'm good ruddy sun woke me up! and bumpy or Zara/Alex is making me feel really sick!" I complained leaning into Harry's chest. "Aw darling is there anything I can do to make it better?" Harry asked looking down at my check with his intense stare that makes me heart race. 


Harry and I swam until 8:20 we got out the pool and got changed to go to the gym. I put my gym get on and let my hair out of it high bun and tying it into a mid ponytail. Just as I was about to bend down to tie my shoes when I felt a strong wave of nauseous  come over me I ran across the changing room into the toilet merely taking out an old lady standing in a towel. I had my hand over my mouth and threw up all in toilet before I had time to shut the door. "Are you okay, dear?" I turned round to see a kind faced woman standing behind me. "Yes, I'm fine, just morning sickness." I explained slightly embarrassed "I'm sorry I didn't realise I was still going to feel this rubbish." I apologised "don't be sorry dear, here have some water." She said passing me the complementary water bottle. "Ah thank you."I said taking the water bottle and sipping it slowly "I'll leave you now dear, I hope it gets better it should only last until 5months max." She explained smiling kindly at me. I walked out looking around really embarrassed as I hadn't had time to shut the door. I grabbed my bag and spare water bottle and  chucked it in my gym bag. I walked through to the gym where Harry was lightly jogging on treadmill. I walked up to the treadmill next to him and started to walk slowly just as I was about to put my earphones in when Harry caught sight of me, he stepped of the machine and came over looking concerned. "Daisy are you okay? Look look really pale." Harry told me looking at me side ways. "Morning sickness." I told him frowning 

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