Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


13. This is it..

I took Daisy's hand a lead her along the gravel path lined with manicured lawns and trees. Paris was truely beautiful her long dress fanned out and her Burberry trench keeped the spring breeze off her shoulders. "You have no idea how much I love Daisy, I love you so much." I whispered holding her hand a little tighter in mine. We walked up to the lift and a smartly dressed butler let us up. "Harry why is no one else her?" She asked looking around a bit confused. "Because I love you and I promised you that we would keep publicity to a minimum this trip." I assured her as I kissed her neck, she smelt of dot by Marc Jacobs it reminded me of Eleanor as the scent smelt just like the Hollister. I immediately felt annoyed I was thinking of Eleanor again ...

"I'll have the salmon with the asparagus,carrot and peach ensemble with the white garlic sauce and a mint yogurt side salad, please." Daisy politely asked the waiter "and you sir?" Her asked turning towards me with a soft French accent. "I'll have the prawn with creamed potatoes vegetable bed and side sauce please could I have a plain side salad too." I asked the waiter. We were seated at the top of the Eiffle Tower all you could see was miles of French buildings situated through central Paris. I looked over at Daisy she had one hand on her bump and her new white iPhone5 which I bought her for Christmas in her other hand. "Oh my gosh, Harry you have to see this." She announced with a panicked tone. I looked down at the screen HARRY STYLES AND GIRLFRIEND DAISY KENSINGTON PREGNANT ON SECRET RETREAT TO PARIS? It was written on the Daily Mirror which I must admit was a newspaper I'd never shown any interest in, they never wrote anything nice about me or the rest of the band. "Daisy it's okay I can get this sorted." I told her with a calming tone as I slid her phone in my pocket. Out of sight out of mind right? I was freaking out Daisy didn't look that pregnant yes she had gone from a size 8/10 to a size 10/12 but her bra size had gone from a 30C to a 32F so it was evident something was going on but she was only a few months pregnant!  

Our food arrived I must admit it looked delicious Daisy immediately began eating like she hadn't eaten for the past week. "Hey baby you'll get cramp if you eat too quickly." I told her as I put a hand on her arm. "Sorry baby, bumpy is just making me so hungry!" She giggled. I just stared at her, she had no idea how beautiful she looked just sitting there giggling, her blonde hair curled her peach dress and her Burberry coat she looked so beautiful, her baby bump, her smell, her voice. Just her. I'd never been more proud to call her mine. "Have I got food on my face? Is one of my eyelashes coming unglued? Harry." She asked looking at me a bit concerned. "No babe, nothing you look beautiful, I love you." I told her a bit embarrassed that I'd been staring at her for so long. "It's just you were staring so I thought I'd done something!" She laughed as she began eating her salmon. "Excited for the wedding?" I asked the whole engagement thing was playing on my mind so I was struggling to find a topic of conversation. "Yes, just worried I'm going to look like a fat-big booked-crazy lady! In my dress!" She teased. "Trust me I find you more attractive like this than ever before!" I whispered against her ear across the table. I felt her breath on my neck it sent every nerve in my body crazy I loved her so much. "Are you finished with your meals?" The waiter asked slightly impatiently obvious aware things were about to get slightly heated between Daisy and I. "Yes I think we're done?" Daisy asked me with an arched eyebrow. "Yes, yes I think we're done." I assured the waiter who was already removing our finished plates and drinks. The waiter leaft only to return asking if we wanted desert Daisy and I never usually ordered desert we would go off to a frozen yogurt parlour on regent street or get Ben and Jerry's from blockbuster and hire a movie to watch together. "Oh My Gosh! Yes! Please can I have sticky toffee pudding with extra sauce then on the mini dessert menu can my three desserts be  plain New York cheesecake, berry tart and a small slice of Victoria sponge?" She asked casually like it was no big deal she'd ordered one full sticky toffee pudding and a plate of mini desserts. "And you sir?" The waiter asked turning towards me "can I have some ice-cream please, um can I have a scoop of melon, pistachio and raspberry please?" I asked putting the menu down. "Can I have three scoops of vanilla ice-cream aswell?" Daisy asked before the waiter had time to escape. 

"Somebody's hungry!" I noted looking over at daisy but to be fair she went running and did yoga everyday always walked Chloé our little beagle.  She was toned and still had collarbones a fairly defined jaw but she was just on a pregnant scale. "God I know this baby is driving me crazy I'm meant to still be eating my normal meals still." She looked a bit puzzled and annoyed. Then her expression changed like something finally clicked "Harry don't freak out but what if I'm pregnant with twins." Wait wait wait wait wait up, what I was thinking I guess it made sense the hunger, bump size, bubble bursting sensations, crazy emotions, tiredness I thought it was all a bit extreme. " desserts." The waiter announced interrupting my train of thoughts, he  placing the plates of delicious food in front of us well more in front of daisy. We couldn't be sure if it was twins or not we would up just have to wait till Wednesday. "Harry this is so tasty." She moaned with her fingers over her mouth covering her mouth full of food and gesturing towards the sticky toffee pudding with her fork. "I'm sure it is baby do you think Alex or Zara will share?" I asked leaning forward with my mouth wide open. "Hmm maybe because it loves you!" She laughed stoning a mouthful of sticky toffee pudding and ice-cream into my mouth. Oh she was right! Why didn't I order that? I was tempted to order one for myself but I just saw that as a chicken out to asking the big questions. "Harry that was so tasty, thank you." Daisy said I looked down in astonishment she had finished all the desserts and the ice-cream mine was still in it bowl. "Okay wait for me to finish mine and then I've got a surprise for you!" I told her with a cheeky wink. I finished my ice cream whilst listening to daisy just talking it was so soothing and calming just listening to her talking. I let me spoon clank into the bowl. Indicating I was finished the waiter came and took our dishes. I stared into Daisy's eyes she continued talking until she caught me staring and leant in across the expensive floral arrangement on the table and narrowly avoiding the vanilla candles. Her soft lips touched mine and they sent my lips tingling just her touch was enough to make my heart race. 

"So what's the big surprise Styles?" She asked cocking a perfect eyebrow and picking up her sparkly jimmy choo clutch. The sun was now setting and we had totally lost track of time it was only about 6pm but I was ready to ask the question that would change our lives forever just one simple yes or no could obliterate my heart into a million pieces or fully means my heart from all it's heart break from anything. My life, our future our children rested on her simple yes or no, so you could see why I was a little worked up a lot was resting on a simple yes or no. I lead daisy over to the lounge area situated on a glass floor looking out on the Paris skyline. We sat down and 'The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson playing off the Bose sound system. Yes it was cheeses but it was a song we used to play and sing along to together. "Daisy there is something I want to say. I remember the day I met you all those years ago when we were young and in school, I remember taking you to the park with our chips, I remember us lying under the stars joking about our future and it seems you've stayed apart of my future, you stayed when I got the job at the bakery, you stayed when I auditioned, you stayed through xfactor, you stayed through the record deal, you stayed through the hate, you stayed through the fans, I could go on but the truth is you stayed, and now look at us we are the happiest we have ever been we are starting a family together but I wouldn't want to start it with anyone else, there is no one else I know who sings thrift shop in the shower, there is no one else I know who never gives up on whatever they want, no one else who watches horror movies the way you do, no one else smiles from the minute they go to sleep to the minute they wake up, no other person stays up till three o'clock on Instagram, no one else who buys valentines presents three months in advance, no one else listens to the charts every Sunday dancing the way you do, no one else can look as sexy and irresistible in a tracksuit in as you, no one else makes my whole body feel alive with just they're touch, no one else can turn my bad mood 100% better with just they're smile, no one looks as stylish in a gym kit as you, no one makes pancakes like you do, no one else smiles the way you do, no one else makes me feel the way you do, I think I know what I'm trying to stay, I love you." By now I was on one knee watching Daisy's elated expressions. "Daisy  Ella May Kensington Will You Marry Me ?" I asked as I pulled put the the iconic blue box that every girl dreams of being greeted with on the day of their engagement i removed the massive diamond ring out in front of Daisy's face I  let the tears escape my eyes. I looked over at Daisy tears were freely flowing down her cheeks "yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I'll marry you!" She cried as if she could barely contain her excitement. I pushed the ring on her left finger.  She pulled her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on the lips she was shaking were she was so happy. Harry I love." I whispered unsteadily into my ear as she kissed my check.

 "Can I call my mum?" She asked excitedly rooting round for her phone in my pockets. "Here you go baby, put it on loudspeaker I want to speak to her too!" Daisy tapped away on her phone "beep......beep.........beep.........."
"Daisy! Darling how's Paris? Dad and I are missing you so much! " Her Mum asked cheerily down the phone.
"Mum I've got something to tell you, Harry proposed!" Daisy shouted excitedly down the phone at her mother.
"Oh my gosh Daisy Darling that's fabulous news! Paul Darling come in here, Daisy's got something to tell us." Joanna called to Paul Daisy's dad.
"No mum let me FaceTime you so I can show you the ring as well." Daisy suggested as she ended the call and started a FaceTime request with her mother. Joanna and Paul accepted immediately they were both staring at the screen smiling. 
"So Daddy the big news is Harrys proposed we're getting married." She announced excitedly to her parents opposite us on the screen. 
"I know Darling Harry came to me months ago to ask for my permission and plan Paris, I'm so happy for you too, we give you are blessing." Paul told us with a massive grin.
"Have you called Anne to tell her?"Joanna asked
 "No not yet we're just about to call Harry's parents now!" Daisy managed through her tears of happiness.
"Okay will you better go!" The both said
"Yes, okay bye Mummy, bye Daddy." Daisy waved bye to her mum and dad before ending the call. 

Daisy opened her phone contacts and selected Anne my mum and selected FaceTime. We watched about 3 minutes for my mum to awnser.
"Harry, Daisy Hi! How's Paris!" Anne and Robin asked they were sitting cozily on the sofa together. 
"Oh my gosh why are you both crying?" My mum asked suddenly concerned.
"It's okay Anne this is fantastic news, Harry and I are getting Married!" Daisy replied proudly showing her ring to my mum and Robin on the screen. 
"Aw look at you too! Wait let me take a screenshot of the pair of you, Robin how do I do that Darling?" Oh dear my mum wasn't very update with her technology side of things. 
"You just push the home button and the screen lock button at the top." Robin patiently pointed out to my mum.
"Ah okay, right smile you two!" She called I pulled in with Daisy as she stuck her leaft hand off putting her glitzy ring on full display.
"Beautiful, you two are so perfect together! Does Joanna and Paul know yet?" My mum asked. "Yes they know they're very happy for us as well."I told my mum.  We stayed on FaceTime a little while longer then ended the call because Daisy was desperate for a wee! 
"Bye Mum, bye Robin." I called as I waved goodbye. "Bye Anne and Robin lots of love." Daisy called waving with me. 

"So future Mrs Styles, where do you want to go now?" 

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