Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


14. shopping

After our proposal Harry and I decided to go shopping in Paris for bits for the baby. We went to the cutesy little baby boutique adore where we bought the pram. "Are you sure you want the bugaboo?" Harry asked pushing the buggy back and fourth . "Yes Harry! I want tit sand colour but I want the chameleon 3." I told him gesturing to the colour swatches. "What about the donkey model? Because that one expands into a double buggy if we had another one?" Harry asked looking at me side ways and smirking. " MR HARRY EDWARD STYlES! We are not having two! You'll be lucky to have this one!" I screeched a little over dramatically. " Okay babe we'll get that one." Harry rubbed my back and took the form with all the buggy information to the checkout. The women typed the info in on the computer and harry and her discussed the shipping details in french. (Nope I had no idea what they were talking about) "merci!" I called as I exited the shop with my palm firmly in Harry's hand. Harry's P.O.V I looked at daisy walking along with the Baby Dior paper bag swinging from her dainty wrist. - suppose spending 7,00 euro on 3 baby outfits, a little coat, socks and a cashmere soft pink teddy. The bag was white with grey font and pink tissue poking through the top. "Harry you know you love me?" Daisy asked stroking my cheek. "What shop do you want to go to? " I asked reading her mind. "Tiffany?" She stated gesturing the most spectacular store I'd even seen with crystal stairs cascading up to the tall glass doors. "Its not open for another 40 minutes, shall we go in burberry or chloe? Burberry do nice baby stuff and chloe do changing bags?" I informed trying to distract her from her disappointment about Tiffany. "Woah Harry! You know your fashion!" She giggled. "Well who was at burberry front row 4 times!" I boasted. "Mm I was there too! But backstage supporting car" Daisy nicknamed cara to car. We walked in to Burberry, it was massive. "Bonjour madame et mamusel." An assistant greeted tall and skinny with a long blonde fishtail plait down one side of her face and immaculate Burberry uniform. Daisy had already spotted the Baby section and was alreday swiftly stepping in that direction. "Take this..oh and this, this is nice! This will look soo adorable... This is a must." Daisy was muttering handing me most of the baby section. "And you sure you need all this?" I asked raising an eyebrow and giving a smug laugh. She turned to face me with hard intent eyes. " Are you really going to tell a pregnant women she can't have a few baby clothes?" She asked staring into my eyes making me feel like I was being pushed into a corner. "No babe get what you want" I reassured her placing a hand on her wast just above her brown hermes satchel. I pecked her lips and picked up a Burberry print blanket in merino wool. "Harry I love that!" Daisy told me adding it to the pile. "Would like some help with that?" A British accent asked. I turned to see a pretty asiant about 5"2 mid length natural blonde hair with gorgeous curves like Daisy. She had a gold name tag which read BURBERRY with GRACE printed under neath in bold burberry front. "OMG! Grace, its been so long! How have you been? How's Owen and baby Fenton?" Daisy had dumped the clothes on me and was air kissing Grace. These two know each other? "Daisy! Yeah Owens great working hard at his rugby! Fentons just turned 1 and is a bit of a handful but he's lovely. How about you?" She was glancing at the heap of baby things. I tuned out to the rest of the competion until I heard "...Owen Farrell..." I recongied that name. "Are you married to Owen Farrell?" I asked Daisy's friend Grace."Yeah Grace and I went to university together and Owen was a friend of Daizs!" Grace told me. I looked around the fancy interior of the shop till I laid eyes on the counter. I walked over leaving Daisy to reminisce wiith Grace. I looked up at the checkout girl standard burberry assistant Blonde good figure imacualte uniform perfectly waxed brows and glossed lips. She scanned the items through and gave me the Paris once over. (Let me explain :Bascially all the posh-Os or upper class french fashionistas give you a brief 3 second look up and down taking every aspect your weight, style and welath which thhey guessed from your brands) I smiled as she scanned through the countless items wrapping them in tartan tissue then packing them in glossy gift boxes and packing them neatly in fresh glossy card bags. I paid with my Amercan Express and picked up the cord handles of the six lrge shopping bags. Daisy and I walked along through Paris until we came to the love heart locket Bridge. "Daisy you know I love you with not just all my heart but every single square inch of my body. So can we promise this forevr?" I whispered in her ear producing a large bronze padlock from my pocket with both our names ingraved on it. "Harry of course!" She smiled gently kissing my begging lips I savoured every moment there was no point putting on a hard exterior around Daisy because she broke through that long ago. We linked the padlock on the bridge and through the keys in the water. I turned and kissed her softly before adding my hungary tongue. One hand found her hair another on her hip which slowly turned to cup her small bump. "I love you" I whispered.

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