Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


12. Nervous.....

Daisy and I walked through the lobby of the hotel for breakfast we'd both had a really long morning so I was hungry however I'd dread to think how hungry a pregnant women would be! "Mr Styles and Miss Kensington." Right this way said a tall handsome waiter, he lead us to a table in the centre of the dinning room. "Would this arrangement be ok?" The waiter asked gesturing towards a table in the busyist part of the restraunt, daisy was about to sit down before I quickly said. "I'm sorry but do you have a table in a slightly less crowded area?" I asked gazing across the tables. "Yes sir, Madame right this way!" The waiter lead us to a table for two over looking the gardens. "Yes this is lovely." I told the waiter as I sat down and picked up the menu. 

"Is there anything you want love?" I asked daisy looking over at her perfect features her beautiful dress clung to her perfect curvaceous figure. "Hmm I think I want the fruit salad with yogurt and granola and then maybe a side of bacon with a black coffee?" She asked casually.  I was quiet surprised Daisy hated bacon. "Bacon? Really?" I asked with a puzzled look. "Yeah baby's craving bacon!" Daisy told me looking down and rubbing her growing bump. "Okay, if that's what you want?" I told to her as I turned my attention back to the menu hmm eggs , bacon and..... "Oh and some brioche with cherry jam and honey. Oh and maybe some eggs and mayonnaise hmm I quiet fancy eggs with jam mayonnaise and brioche." She questioned looking at the Menu. I tried really hard to suppress my laughter but it was just to funny. "So your saying you want granola, fresh fruit and yogurt with bacon, tuna, eggs, mayonnaise, brioche and cherry jam?" I asked pretty bewildered "Harry!" She whined play punching my arm. "I'm pregnant I'm allowed to order crazy food." She moaned "alright babe just don't want you to get sick that's all, I love you." I told her not wanting to hurt her feelings. Honestly I wanted eggs Benedict with bacon and brioche with cup of tea and orange juice. The waiter returned to the table to take our orders. "Please may I take your order or would you prefer more time to choose?" He asked "no I think we're fine I told him. "You know what I think I'll just have the fresh fruit granola with yogurt and  the brioche with cherry jam and a cup of filter black coffee and a glass of mango juice." Daisy asked the waiter politely. "And you sir?" The waiter asked turning towards me. "Um I'll have eggs Benedict with bacon and brioche with cup of tea and orange juice thank you." I told the waiter who wrote our orders down then disappeared.  Daisy and I chatted until our food arrived. Told her the surprise day may include shopping and this cheered her up completely. "Eggs Benedict with bacon and brioche with cup of tea and orange juice and  the fresh fruit granola with yogurt and  the brioche with cherry jam and a cup of filter black coffee and a glass of mango juice." The waiter announced placing our food in front of us. "Mmh this looks delicious." Daisy commented as her food was placed in front of her. "Yes, god I'm so bloody hungry." I told her as I poured a cup of tea from the pot. She'd already downed half a glass of mango juice and eaten a whole slice of brioche with cherry jam and was now moving onto the granola. "Woah easy tiger you'll get indigestionI told her as I brushed her cheek with my forefinger. She put her hand over her mouth indicating she already had a mouthful. "Sorry." She apologised after she'd swallowed. "It's fine just don't want you to feel ill we have a really fun day planned." I told her with a cheeky wink. "Aw Harry I love you." Where are we going? Can you tell me that?... Are we going to get mobbed?" She added giggling "babe I can assure you today I hope we won't get mobbed Paul has press and our location under control the press think we're in Germany for some reason!" I joked "now that's interesting." She laughed whipping her mouth "why Germany? It's really boring there!" She complained "that's why I took you to Paris because I love you and it's the city of love." I  told her giving her an intense gaze. She met my gaze and stared back into her eyes I leaned in and kissed her I really love you Daisy, please don't ever leave me." I whispered slightly embarrassed as a tear rolled down my cheek. "Harry don't cry, I'm never going to leave you I'm sure bumpy will make sure of that." She whispered wiping away a tear "but would you be with me now if you weren't pregnant?" I asked her seriously "Harry I've loved you since I was 15, I've loved you for 4 years!" That's like how longer than the time some couples have known each other before they get married, yeah I know we're young and I've still got another year left at uni but we'll make it work our parents live in the same town! They get on really well they can look after bumpy if that's what  needs to happen. We will make this work and I know you get home from tour 2 months before baby's due. I love you more than ever and please don't doubt that." She told me holding my hand "No Daisy bumpy will love with us it's our baby and I'll protect it. You can take time out uni but I'm home for 5 months after its due then there's daycare but we'll work it out!" I told her I was protective? Yes and what daisy said a out marriage made me smile. But I wasn't going to dump our baby on our parents I would single handily take care of our baby whilst daisy was at uni we could make things work. But i think now i knew where we stood in terms of our relationship and felt less nervous knowing we were closer than ever. Daisy and I finished breakfast and got the bill. "Would you like your meals added to your tab?" The waiter asked placing the receipt on a bone china dish on the table covered in mini pink champagne truffles. "Yes, that would be fine." I told him as I got up and helped Daisy get her things together. "So where are we going now?" Daisy asked as she took my hand she wore a gold Burberry mac over her peachy pink dress and her jimmy choo heels she looked irresistible ............... "We'll we have a car that's going to take us to a special location..." I told her trying to sound like a secret detective which only made her laugh. "Harry please tell me." She whined as she gripped my hand and walked through the lobby to the door where the black Mercedes was waiting. "No!" I told her smiling as I opened the door for her and walked round to other side of the car. We sat down in the pale leather seats. The sun was shinning which only made Daisy more intent on where we going. "Harry please tell me." She whined nudging my arm. "Look out the window, what can you see?" Daisy turned and glared out the window. I noticed her jaw fall open as she spotted the Eiffel Tower standing at the end of the park lined with trees. "OMG! Are you kidding?" She gasped as the driver opened her door and let her out. "Oh Harry I've always wanted to see the eiffel tower!" She shouted looking up at the beautiful building that stood before us. I walked over to her and whispered I know baby." In her ear she turned round and kissed me  I kissed her back. I took her jaw in both of my hands and looked her in the eye you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this....

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