Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


3. I'm going to be a dad Harry's P.O.V

I just sat there staring at the grains in the table trying to make sense of it. I was going to be a Dad. "Daisy I'm so happy you mean the world to me and I love you and our baby I'm never going to leave I'm here and I'll do everything to support us all." I finally whispered completely unsure of what I was saying. She looked up smiling at me as she let a tiny tear escape her eye. "I love you too Harry." She whispered back. I was still in complete shock I was going to be a dad a father in just over 6 months I was quiet frankly panicking . "So I guess we need at book a scan?" I laughed as I looked up from the table before pulling daisy into a tight embrace. "So your not mad at me?" She asked sounding skiptical. The only way I could reply was by smashing my lips into hers. "Congratulations!" Gemma shrieked as she pulled me and Daisy into a group hug. "Baby can't breathe!" Daisy giggled pulling away from the hug. It was a weak after Daisy told me I was going to be a dad so we decided to have a baby announcement for our friends and family before the press found out. I looked over the lake at hampstead Heath with my champagne flute in my hand as I heard Gemma and Daisy talking "Baby do you think it's time to tell everyone?" Daisy asked as she placed one hand on my arm and the other on her nearly invisible baby bump. "Please can I have everyone's attention?" I called over the violin players as they quite need down. Me and Daisy walked up to where everyone was under the massive oak tree mingling and getting to know each other. "I know some of you think your just here for a dinner party but Daisy and I have a bit of an announcement, um Daisy is 3 months months pregnant!" I told all the eager eyes staring at me. I looked up to see everyone smiling and applauding. "I told you everyone would be happy, I'm so proud of you." I heard my mum whispering my ear. "Thanks mum, I love you" I told her leaning on her shoulder. "Hazza! Got a minute?" Louis shouted over the bustling crowd. I knew exactly what Louis wanted he had the ring. The ring I needed for tonight. I didn't just book this weekend away in Paris for no reason! I walked over to Louis and Eleanor they were happily engaged in due to get married in 4 months with was so happy for them.

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