Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


8. Ice-Cream!

"Room service!" The voice on the other end of the phone informed in a French accent. "Yes, Hello it's Apartment 4, please could I order 2 tubs of raspberry ice-cream,  2 tubs of apple ice-cream, 2 tubs of vanilla ice-cream, 2 tubs of toffee fudge  ice-cream and  2 tubs of strawberry ice-cream." I asked cringing slightly at how much of and ice cream Holic I sounded."yes certainly mousier!" The man on the end of the phone replied. I put the phone back and walked over to the bedroom suite and saw Daisy trying to work put the giant cinema style DVD system. "You ok with that baby?" I asked walking over and wrapping my arms round her waist I gave her a quick peck on the neck and gestured for her to go and lie down whilst I sorted the DVD. "Icecream will be up in a minute." I told Daisy I lay down next to in the comfy hotel bed. "Hmm, I love you." She giggled as she leaned in gently kissing me on the lips my hands immediately grabbed her waist and her fingers were intwined in my dark curls. I was just about to lie her down so we could take things a little further when we were interrupted by a loud knock at our apartments door. "Ugh, I'll get it." daisy groaned.getting up and adjusting her maternity night gown and dressing gown. I heard Daisy greeting the hotel waiter at the door bringing our 10 tubs of ice cream. Daisy was walking round the corner into the bedroom area with the tray of icecream. "How come you didn't order any for yourself?" She asked looking down at the 10 mini tubs of icecream. "Hmm you. Better be joking." I murmmered grabbing her shoulders and gently kissing her, I moved my arms down to her bump and felt something like a bubble bursting inside her stomach? What was that? I asked slightly worried. Well it could be the baby kicking but I'm sure it's too early so I'm sure it's just intergestion. Bumpy gives Daisy intergestion alot recently "aw you sure you need all that ice cream then?" I teased brushing her nose with my index finger. "Yes!" She cried grabbing the ice creams and jumping into bed. "Haha, I think bumpy wants to share with her daddy tho." I asked looking hurt. "Yeah I'm sure she will." Daisy laughed patting a space next to her on the bed. I walked over to lie next to her and pushed play on the movie. "Did you call bumpy she?" I asked looking at daisy already half way through her tub of toffee fudge ice cream winich she was mixing with apple ice cream. Ummh interesting? "Yeah I guess I did I just have a hunch that bumpys a girl." She told me with a thoughtful tone. We watched the notebook until 10:37 to be priscise. Daisy had a little tear in her eye when the credits came on. "Aw Daisy come her."  Whispered pulling her over. "I'm fine it's just such a brilliant film it gets me everytime."she giggled. I looked over at the discarded piles of ice cream tubs I only had three daisy had the rest. "Did bumpy really want all those ice creams?" I asked smiling at daisy trying not the burst it in hysterics. "Yes! Don't take the piss!" She frowned as she punched my arm playfully.


"Hmm, do you want me to platt you hair?" I asked knowing she loved it when we sat together and I plaited her hair. "Aw yes please Harry, this is why I love." She whispered smiling at me forming dimples in her cheeks We sat together for another hour just chatting whilst I platted her hair, we looked for something to watch on the tv but everything was in French. Instead we read a baby names book together which I'd ordered online a week a go. "I like the name Zara, and Darcy but my sisters called Darcy, I like the name Ella May like 

my middle name, I love the name Alex, Ralph and olive for a boy." She suggested "what about Zara-Ella Darcy May styles? Or May Darcy Styles? Or even Zara-Darcy may?" I asked trying to incorpret  all the names shed suggested "hmm maybe Zara-

Darcy May Styles? I like Zara-Ella Darcy May styles but don't you think it's a bit of a mouth full? Don't you have any names you want to add because I like Zara Ella-May is my middle name what about Anne or Gemma?" Daisy asked trying to incorporate my family aswell. "No Gemma and my mums middle names are Ella aswell! So I think Zara-Ella May styles would be beautiful maybe if we have another we could call her Ella-Darcy May Styles or something along the lines of that." I suggested trying to be helpful I looked over at Daisy how had her eyes both wide open what Harry? We are only having one way and not another till I'm at least 21 which is 3 years away!" She pointed out looking genuinely shocked. "No I know babe it's okay what about a boy? Alex-Edward Styles? Or Edward-Ralph Alex styles? Ralph-Edward Styles?" I asked trying to make her feel less worried I didn't mean have another staight away! "I like Alex-Edward Styles but we would shorten it to just Alex? And call him Alex- Edward when he's been mischievous?" Daisy asked giggling at the prospect of having to tell off our child. "Yes, so if its a girl we can call her Zara-Ella May styles but shorten it to just Zara and for a boy Alex-Edward Styles but call him just Edward? I asked "yes, I like them names alot they have both of our names incorporated aswell."

Daisy smiled looking pleased. "Great so are we going to keep the names a suprise or shall we tell family?" I asked "hmm I guess you want to tell your mum and Gemma but wouldn't it be a better suprise if we kept it a secret?" Daisy asked thoughtfully "yeah I think your right baby! We'll keep it a suprise, gosh I can't wait for the ultrasound on Wednesday. Is it too early to tell?" I asked Daisy as she snuggled down in her side of the bed a placing her eye mask. "They can tell the gender deffently from 18 weeks I'm    17 weeks on Wednesday so hopefully they can tell us." Daisy replied with a bright smile on her face. I took her hand and gave her a kiss "you should get some sleep I have an exciting day planned tomorrow." I told her as I turned out the lamps I could she the Paris skyline outside the back of the room completely made of glass overlooking spectacular views of the city of love. "Ooh I'm excited!" Daisy whispered in a sleepy voice. I gave her a warm kiss the wrapped by arm around her shielding her and our baby.

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